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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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The story of Happy Prince was published in 1888. It is an allegory. The story is religious and is full of happiness. Happy Prince is a statue with a smile on his lips. It is made of gold, sapphires, and brilliants. Some time ago he was a boy with not knowing what tears were. Swallow is a bird, helping Happy Prince to please people. The story begins very strange with a describing of a beautiful statue, standing very high. In the story we can find a lot of similes, metaphors, flash-backs. A simile is describing Happy Prince: He is beautiful as a weathercock. I think that it means that the mental state of the prince changes frequently. Then Oscar Wild compares him with an angel.

From a dictionary the angel is a messenger, who serves God in Heaven, so we understand that Prince is Gods messenger on the Earth. Happy Prince gives his care to people. But Happy Prince also has feminine features. He has tears on his golden cheeks, he stands under the moonlight. Features of Happy Prince win the heart of Swallow. Swallow is a beard, who loves a coquettish reed by the river. From the book of symbols I understand that Swallow is a bird, belonging to the Greek goddess Aphrodite. Between Swallow and Happy Prince love and friendship appears.

Prince wants to rescue people and Swallow helps him with this, by giving people the jewels from the body of Happy Prince. After doing good things to people they both begin to feel warmth in their soul. A strange simile is his lips are red as pomegranate. The word pomegranate has mean as red as blood. The author hates the Mayor and the Town Councilors, because they were vulgar, selfish, thinking only about themselves, but not about the people. Mathematical Master is a negative person, because of his hate to dreams.

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