Hardship: Friendship and People Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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Everyone in life have to been through hardship, its depend on own characteristic to solve it. People who never give up when they met their own hard times will always met their success. Sometimes we will just get jealous of some of the person who success but in reality we did not know how they feel when they met their hardships and how much did they pay off to their success. We will never know in case we met the same problem as them.

Normally I do feel suffering in the early age from family problems and generally I will have to fight for life, but when I achieve what I have done, its always a big task for me to have done. I may choose to be more confident and take more risk to challenge myself to successfully finish the task on time. I often have big aims and wanted to be perfect for the task but I feel that I never been through happiness and enjoyable when hardship just crush on me.

To deal with a hardship life, I do realize what are the problems and solving it independently. Next, strongly believe in myself by say I am going to survive this hard time!, Always have the positive heart to keep away the negative thoughts in mind. Sometimes, I do talk to friends about my problems so they could just be my listener. As if theyre good friends, they will understand and help through the hard times and to give more opinion to make me stay claim and think positive. We must also try to focus on the good things in lifes to believe that this will be a pass and makes us become a stronger person.

More over , to keep my expectations low and I will rarely be disappointed. Where I can find the real me with happiness and enjoyable lifes. This may not seem right to me until I spend some time thinking about how it applies to my own personal life. I used to believe in faith or maybe I could consider that God, the universe or nature provide us with the tools for any situation; whatever the source, it is up to us to use those tools to keep body and soul together.

Lastly ,we must also be prepared to let time assist emotional pain come over us. As for emotional rough times, there is an old saying that time heals all wounds, and that everything looks better from a distance. Sometimes I do let myself crying to release the stress whatever that may bring me feel likes continue on the another day and if my emotional distress is something that makes me feel down and depressed , I will always seek for some professional help. By following the flow everyday life , we will all make it to finish line. Hardship is just a temporarily , so if things are going good , enjoy it because it wont be last forever. But , if things goes bad , dont worry because it cant last forever either. What I learn is to stay positive and think positive, they are the best medicine to solve the hardship that I had faced it also build my confident to success.

Appreciate the moment with friends

In my life, I do appreciate the moment with friends whenever we decide to go for outgoing. We do make memories of laughter, arguments and lots of emotional express. Those who truly treated us as their good friend, they will always forgive and forget on our own mistakes and teaches us when theirs problem and the mistake we had did.Im thankful that I had met two good friend when I was form 1, which can be my sister because they are elder than me two age different. Whenever we need help, we are able to help each other and never count for the small things.

We did lots of unforgettable moments such as party together , celebration , hangover , girls talk , sharing outfit and many more. Sometimes we couldnt effort to buy for birthday gifts but we do make a best friends scrapbook to keep as a memories. Once awhile we do have, arrange some sleepovers often when we had bad moods or watch after the horror movies together and many more.

Whenever we went for out going activities we will never left out and we plan events together that are unique to the group. Sometime we do also oftenly hang out the whole week , we get bored of the places we often when and dont know where to head to next. Besides that , we accept differences between us and different of opinion we given. Its not fun being friends with closen sometimes it gets bored but we still apologize to each other when we went wrong and forgiving and never hold past mistakes against each other.

In the other hand , we do acknowledge teach other when we have done something well. Give us the attention on what us deserve. Between me and my friends are always jelousy around but we always be aware of our feelings and do not sabotage our friendship. Acknowledge our feelings and understand each other because we are still humans. Sometimes we do talk about good things as well as bad. Get to know the good sides and bad sides of people. A real friend will know when your being unreasonable, call you on it, love you and still be your friend without missing a beat.

Understand that friendships isnt hard, even the really good ones, can experience times when you dont spend much time or talk to each other often. It isnt what we do when were apart, its what we do when were together.

Disappointment in my college life.

Does disappointment really make one stronger? Personally, I think that disappointments help one to be stronger. Everyone has felt disappointed at least once in their lives. When someone disappoints you, you will feel sad as the person has not tried his best in that particular area.

My first disappointment in my life was when my first time in college they are quite friendly and helpful but after getting longer times, they started to not to talk to me as I know problems are on me. But Im still cruise why cant my fellow classmates just tell me correct me by my mistake by just ditching me aside by not care how I feel. As longer as I know, I do used a words to hurt them and they just couldnt accept me.

People that know me more they will know that Im a character that straight forward and less talking on jokes. I really dont know why this thing happen just in college but not the others of my friends. But I still feel satisfied that I am not alone, theres is still many close friends beside me.I appreciate people who appreciate me and accept whom I am.

As the day getting on , . I became frustrated from lack of response from others, and the high school I attend is so groupie, trendy, and obnoxious. I guess most are that way, and I want to accept it and be happy, but its really hard. I try to think positive and sit aside. I had say sorry to them but they wouldnt accept my apologize is fine. Being alone is not that bad , be happy for other people, really try hard. Jealously is a terrible feeling but to be real nothing to be jealous of. Really, it is. But then, right after that, Im in tears because I really am so happy for them to see them much happier than before. Sometimes is the best answer by not knowing and getting to know some unwanted answer.

Stay to be more positive and just let it be the flow, I will not be facing them every day just week days and the few hours. I can be more stronger after the foundation course it will be a new life again for me to know more new friends and get to avoid my mistakes again. New friends can be make again , but once first impression was gone it never be back again. This may turn me to a better person and learn from mistakes, mouth are theirs , heart are theirs . Im thankful that I could met this classmates which turn me into a lesson.

Performed in front of audience

Ever since, I join the team members of Buddhist society . I have been more volunteering myself by performing dancing and singing in front of the audience with my team mates , located at shopping mall every year in the event of Wesak charity event. The feeling was so nervous because there will be lots of people that will going to watch.

With a new and hopeful outlook on life, one completely different from my prior mechanical life and personality, I came back with much higher self-confidence and determination to show the light on others. As I was ready and willing to meet new people and have another change in my life by performed in front of the audience nearly for years.

The beginning of the first year was hard , I was trying to get more involved with many activities so that I could really help to perform myself and also giving ability to stand on stage while enjoying the moments in it. To be honest, Im not those kind of open minded and daring to stand on the stage but thankful that my team mates never give up by teaching me on dancing and singing. They give the hopes and they always tell me nothing to be scared of , enjoy the moment is the most important because the stage isnt always for us to stand on. Chances maybe less after the age grows older. Anyway, staying on track, this year I have developed an insecurity with getting up and enjoy myself.

Even dancing and singing in front of audience is sometimes a challenge. I used to do these things naturally, but now I am constantly asking myself if Im nervous, if I can dance and sing why not just give it a best shot. I feel strange about this whole thing, because I feel like I am more outgoing, and should be able to carry that with me to the front of the audience. Now its been a while, so I think Im finally accepting my weirdness. I just need to deal with it when Im up there. I know Ill get nervous, so what can I do while up there feeling helpless?

Doing practice is one main of the reason for you to have a good performance and Im sure that you always heard the old saying, Practice makes Perfect. theres no reason for you to be afraid because if you had a confident you can perform it well. Fight for the fear with the facts, practice more on stage will never to be a fear anymore.


Volunteering is important for numerous reasons that benefit of the community and the volunteer ourselves. When I donates a handful of time, it make the difference made is inspiring and it shapes a community for the better while the experience improves myself donated the time. Volunteering is what makes a community because it brings people together to work on a goal. People who volunteer for reasons which may be as varied as to learn new things, meet new people, gain skills, feel good and enhance life among others. This the reason why I had join the team of volunteering in Buddhist society.

While doing volunteering means by doing every job I will not expecting people for any repayment. Expecting for repayment is return a waste of effort by doing volunteer, rather than going out to find sales jobs or many job that pay more higher payment. I do take my free time by going for volunteer rather than being at home sleeping, playing computer games and more. I feel more happier by helping others than wasting time, sometimes exam around the corner I will also not miss the opportunity to volunteer out and study at the night , it was tiring but it was much happier and enjoyable.

In addition, sometimes I do when for volunteering with them by organization to orphanages, community centers and more. Helping to carry out their duties, not only gain experience but we can learn the large variety of skills. I love when it comes to the end month, theres lots of places that I can go for and lots of activities will be having with the Buddhist society members. We must plan every single activities in just few hours and get ourselves ready to bring along the memorable day for them by joining us for the camp. Volunteer must able to express ideas to show the importance of hard working and diligence, this is where I find myself more independent than before and by doing volunteer work I do also learn to cooperate with the team members .i will not only enhance my general knowledge, but also learn how to deal with problems, challenges as well dealing with different types of personalities peoples surrounding me.

Thus, volunteering is not all about work, it can be an enjoyable experience as I meet lots of new people and forge new friendships. It is a great way to encourage participation and be a part of the society. When I feel valued and needed, it builds your self-confidence and self-esteem. As in socializing opportunities increase, I learn to develop a compassionate and open mind, making the entire volunteering experience fulfilling and worthwhile. The miracle is not that what I do this work , but is that I feel much happy to do it .

Talk to a stranger soon become close friend

I have a friend, Elynn. Which is a girl that I know in Facebook , I know is a risk of knowing a social network friends but not all are bad peoples. She is a great friend to be know. We have known each other for over five years, and what I have learned from her are is being positive. She do smiles and think positive always , she never feel regrets on her life before , even though bad luck on her she stay the smile on her face. She is really a weird girl that I know among all.

Elynn always told me that important benefits of positive manners is an increased life span, less depression , get a great resistance to the common cold , knowing better of own mental and physical on thinking and coping times of stress . Besides that , a more natural ability to form relationships and cement bonds is passionate for her personality.I still remember when I had a broke up with my ex boyfriend she is the one who always be right besides me , concern me till now she is still the girl that who cares me like her own sister from different families. Her passion makes me respectful, and I learned from her that being passionate to what you love is more valuable than anything. Sometimes I do think if she was a boy , I think most of the girls will be chasing her as a boyfriend but sadly she is a girl that has a boyfriend from the year I know her which always be with her. They seem to be a sweet couples without argument but even if there is she never give up on her relationship.

Another thing that I also learn from her is her courage of facing frustration. Although Belinda has so much love to her profession, she inevitably experiences frustrations. However, she is always capable of overcoming the difficulties, the braveness amazing me a lot. For example, she had to work and earn for her expenses in her degree of physiology fees, she did not ask any expenses from her parents , all she do is being independent and life for her own lifes. Although the process makes her suffering, her strong courage supports her to face frustrations without fear. In addition, looking at the bright side is also a significant thing that I learn from Elynn is she never complains about her life and her wisdom inspires me to become a optimistic when looking at everything on her.

When we do have free time , we went and visiting our as we become tourist bringing each other to know lots of interesting places and nice facilities restaurant. I am glad that I had make a worth friend that teaches me lots of stuff. She is such a good friend , which like a mentor to me teaches me many lessons and I really learn much from her , I really supported her to become a physiologist , she had the capability of facing frustrations and the wisdom of looking at the bright sides.

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