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Ursula Riggs is the character with which I feel myself identified with. Ursula is the girl who projects a very stiff exterior but is very sensitive from within. She is the kind of the girl who went to school just for the sake of studies and dont like to waste her time doing dating or making meaningless friendships. I share her ideas and feelings towards school and the world as well. I feel myself most identified with Ursula when I see that she cannot stand injustice no doubt how heavy the odd are.

She stood by the big mouth boy even though she see that the who school was against him but as she knew that he was right, she stood by him and make him win his case. These are the reason for which I feel myself identified with Ursula Riggs. Q# 2. What is the significance and meaning of the title of the novel? How does it fit? The title of Joyce Carole Oates book big mouth and ugly girl is very appropriate. This is the story of a boy, Matt Donaghy, who loves to brag a lot about a lot of things when he is with friends or peers.

He is so careless and fierce about his bragging that not only this habit gained him the name of big mouth but has also drawn him into great trouble and if it had not been for the ugly girl he would have been thrown into prison because of the charge of plotting for blowing up the school. The tile also includes the words ugly girl which refers to another important character in the story. Ursula Riggs- the ugly girl is declared as ugly not because he has very bad looking skin or features but because she does not share the niceties and delicacies which the other girls of the school shares.

She does not want to go for dating or friendship, she just wants to study in school. She helped Matt in saving him from false charges. Q# 3. Describe in detail the setting (time and place). Find information in the novel to support what you describe. Remember to use page numbers and quotation marks when making references to information from the novel. The time of the story is of present. It seems that the time period is somewhere between 2000 to 2010, as we see boys and girls using laptop computers in their schools.

This gadget becomes popular among students during this era, not before that. When we first met Matt he was typing away furiously on his laptop page no 4 paperback Harper Collins publishers. The place is Rocky River High school in Westchester country, New York, America as they cam for him during fifth period, which was Matts study period, in room 220 of Rocky River High school, Westchester. page no 3 paperback Harper Collins publishers. Q# 4. In what point of view (1st Person; 3rd Person-Limited; 3rd Person-Omniscient) is this story told?

How does the authors use of point of view affect the narration of the story. This story is told by using the point of view of a 3rd person-limited point of view. Some times the story is told by a third person and some time the characters speak for themselves. This alternating mode of narrating the story gives a beautiful charm to the story and made it absorbing. Sometimes the readers feel that they are told about the details of the incidences happening at the school and sometimes they have the feeling of identifying with the characters.

The narration of the story flows smoothly without giving any tensions, roadblocks or jumps to the readers and so they feel absorbed in the story right from the first page to the last. Q# 5. Discuss, analyze and explain one important or meaningful theme from the novel. One of the most important themes discussed in the story is that of the feeling of loneliness one feels when he or she is discarded or ostracized by his community because of some untoward incident. The ostracized person feel immensely disturbed, confused, petrified, and even started thinking for suicide.

This is what happened with Matt in the story Big mouth and ugly girl told by Joyce Carole Oates. He is ostracized by his peers and family because of the suspicion thrown on him because of his own making. He felt himself immensely alone and hated by all. If it had not been for the friendship and love of the ugly girl Ursula Riggs he would either have committed suicide or turned into a mad man. This theme of social boycott is explored and discussed in detail by Joyce Carole Oates in Big mouth and ugly girl. Q# 6. Choose five sophisticated vocabulary words in the book.

Write each of them spelled correctly. Identify the correct part of speech. List the page number of the word and copy the sentence in which it was found. Write a definition for each of the words in your own words. 1. brainy: adjective: somebody who is very intelligent Matt Donaghy had something of a reputation at Rocky River for being both brainy and a comic character. Page #4 2. Shrugged: verb: to raise shoulders and then lower them in order to denote that you dont care about something or you dont know anything about it. I didnt like hearing this, but I just shrugged and stare at the floor page #9 3.

Scold: verb: to speak angrily to somebody Mr. Schultz scolded me page #9 4. Jinxed: adjective: bringing more bad luck than is normal This jinxed game with our archrivals Tarrytown page #13 5. Splashed: verb: to make something(liquid) fall noisily on some surface So I splashed cold water onto my burning face and went back into the game page #15 Q # 7. Write three questions and their answers that you might expect to see on a test about this book. 1. Why was Matt Donaghy taken by the detectives? He was taken away by the detectives because he was suspected of plotting and blowing off the school building.

2. Why the ugly girl Ursula protected Matt from prosecution? She protected him from prosecution because she believed in justice and as she believed that Matt is innocent so she stood for him and saved him from dire consequences. 3. Who was socially ostracized in the story and why? It was Matt Donaghy, who was socially ostracized by the society because he was suspected of having evil and dangerous intentions towards his school, friends and peers. Q # 8. In no more than 100 words, summarize the important aspects of the novels plot, covering beginning, middle and end.

The novel begins with Matt Donaghy taken away by detectives from his school because his brag of blowing off the school was reported by some students to the authorities. Prosecutions started against him and all his friends and family turned against him. He was saved from this misfortune from a girl who was a self proclaimed ugly girl. He suffered from problems of loneliness, severe mental tension and loss of the love of friends and family members. The ugly girl Ursula come forward to help him and strong bonds of friendship develop between them that turned eventually into love.

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