Hazards of Moving House Essay

Published: 2020-02-24 15:31:32
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Many people say that they would like to be able to peer into the future, to see how the days ahead will unfold. If I were offered the gift, however, I would refuse it point-blank. Knowing in advance about the ordeal I would have to undergo to move into my apartment, for example, would have kept me in my parents house forever. My little daughter and I are settled in quite happily now, but the process of moving then was indeed painful. I confronted problems with the landlord, with the condition of the apartment, and with the day of moving itself.

First of all, I had to deal with the hurdles the landlord placed in my path. One thing he demanded was large sum of money paid in advance. The landlord deliberately increased the sum of money and forced me to pay it immediately in a few weeks. The idea of paying these atrociously high rental fees was terrible for a mother who had a low salary like me. I also argued with the landlord over repairs I felt he should make before I moved in. The condition in this house was a chaos. The pipes were leaking, the surface of the wall was uneven etc. I should have a well-kept house since I had paid a large sum of money. The situation in the house was so awful that I couldnt bear it. After we had finally settled these problems, I almost lost the apartment when the landlord discovered that I was moving in with a three-year-old. The landlord was afraid that my daughter would make a mess of the house and literally ruined the whole apartment. It was true that most children around were naughty but he should not think that my daughter was without exception.

Second, I faced an almost overwhelming problem cleaning the mess left by the previous tenants. There was a great deal of trash both inside the apartment and on the outdoor patio. There were broken lamps, heaps of trash, spoiled sofa etc. discarded everywhere in the apartment. There was also a strong and horrible smell in the house not to mention those awful creatures moving in the house in worsening the condition of the house. The awful situation of the house gave me the creeps to live in. The previous tenants had also left several pieces of unwanted furniture in the apartment. The previous tenants cast away their old furniture like spoiled bed, sofas, chairs tables just like that etc. when they left. I had to call the authorities to clear all the unwanted furniture costing me a hundred dollars. This had given me a great burden and so the amount of money that I had paid was totally not worth it.

Last, and perhaps worst of all, were the difficulties I encountered on my day of moving house itself. Friends promises to help me with the house-moving and the transportation of furniture seemed to evaporate into thin air. My friends had broken their promises causing me to waste additional money to hire house-movers. Besides, I had to carry all the heavy and large things all by myself without the help of anyone. The weather also disrupted my plans. Due to the terrible weather, I had to change my schedules and wasted my precious time. In addition, the weather had also spoiled some of furniture and brought about a big loss to me. Worst of all, I had underestimated the number of boxes and the amount of time that moving all possessions would demand. The lack of boxes prevented me from packing all my things and forced me to drive all the way down town just to get the extra boxes. Initially, I thought that moving all possessions would not waste a lot time, so I had arranged the time for doing other things which then brought chaos to my schedule.

Moving into this apartment was an experience that left me with many painful memories. If I ever move again, I plan to save myself lots of trouble by applying the lessons I learned from my recent house-moving. In fact I wont sign any house-renting lease until I find a cooperative landlord, a sparkling clean apartment, and enough money to hire a house-moving truck.

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