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Published: 2019-11-25 02:00:36
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The types of incidents and emergencies which are arising in section A, ¢Accidents in this section we can see that the accident has happened because a s they quoted some this explains that one of the staff member was abusing one of the elderly person. ¢Fire is also accrued in section A in the accidents The flooding has caused electrical and a fire has started the lower floor kitchen of the home and is a spreading quickly this shows that fire started in the residents floor.

¢Major disaster caused in this case flood because The flooding has caused electrical and a fire has started the lower floor kitchen of the home and is a spreading quickly this shows that that is all flooding and also the fire. ¢Suspected abuse because the management of the home were in the meeting about a whistleblower who has reported that one member of staff has been abusing residents with dementia ¢Spillages because it happened of the incidental mentioned it been in the rush hour to escape some of the nursing stand have knocked over a trolley contain medication for residents which are now mixed up this shows that the incident happening in the hurry.

Responses in incident A

There has been an incident which is a whistle blower who has reported that one of the members has been abusing the residents with dementia when the flooding was discovered.

The first priority when working with this incidents and emergencies is to confirming the safety of people and review the policies and policies and procedures that follow the serious incident. The response to this situation is to investigate the incident e.g. dealing with the suspected abuse. To stop this from happening is to have awareness of the causes and taking direct action to minimize the effect. Creating procedures that should be followed in the future and ensure that all the adults are informed. Ensure that all adults are aware of the action that should be taken, and do an annual review that should be taken.

The second priority when ensuring safety of property for the incident A reviewing the priorities from the outside the property for incident A there has been fire and also flooding so the property has been damage. The third priority I need to review is the ensuring safety of the environment for incident A it has been happening a lot of flooding as it burned the house down and the flooding caused a lot of damages to the environment the houses and other substances.

The fourth priority is reviewing of policies and procedures following critical incidents because once the crisis has passes, it is a good time to consider how well policies and procedures worked. Managers should review how smoothly the incident has dealt with better. The review might highlight a weakness. For example in incident A staff might have been unfamiliar with a policy, which meant that they did not instantly know what to do. As a result the manager way revises training for their staff.

The fifth priority that I revise for incident A that implementing improvements for the future because in order to avoid the same difficulties happening again if a similar incident occurs, any policy changes need to be implemented quickly. This may involve changes to the training schedule, or to the way information is presented. It might also involve organisation outside the care setting.


The first response for the incident A is maintaining respect and dignity for the elderly person whiles saving an elderly life in incident A, has to be the top priority in like this emergency situation you should always try, if possible to respect the dignity of the people you are helping. Discourage crowds of on looks, and use blankets or coats to cover people who have been receiving treatment to cover the people who have been receiving treatment. Rescuers should speak to people in a professional way, and this will reassure them and give them confidence.

The second response for incident a is minimising the risk for incident A. so the people incident A is begin deal with highest possible help and for not making them worry and not begin stress about the other things because it might effect elder person if they have lost something.

The third response I would make for incident A is accessing support for the incident or emergency because the staff people who work there may be involved in rescuing or caring for casualties can find they are emotionally traumatised after whats being happened at work were they worked with eledry people rescuses may experience flashbacks of the incident and nightmares that they wouldnt want to remember. There are several organisations that offer support to both victims and emergences service personnels during and after incident. These include the Red Cross, the Salvation Army and other organisation. Sometimes the manager for that person who experience the most main give a few days off work so they can rest their minds. Also that person can go to counselling if its required and it is always advisable to talk over the experience even if this is not done in a formal session.

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