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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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Types of abuse and the signs:

Physical Abuse- This is actual hands on intentional contact meant to deliver pain or suffering to the recipient, such as hitting, pushing, leaving people soiled and inappropriate sanctions.
Signs- Bruises/ scratches. Unexplained physical marks on the body, the person may change their usual behavior such as becomes anxious or angry.

Sexual Abuse- This is when an individual is not able or willing to consent to a sexual act or the person is bribed or tricked into the act.

Signs- Unexplained pregnancy or STI, withdrawn, angry or anxious around specific people or persons.

Emotional/Psychological Abuse This is when a person or people of trust will make someone do things that they dont want to do via threats of harm, bullying or fear of being humiliated or abandoned.

Signs- avoiding specific people or person, becoming withdrawn or anxious in their presence.

Financial Abuse- is when a trusted person or people coerce less able persons into paying for gifts, giving moneys or willing property or inheritance for personal gain, fraud or theft.
Signs- Unable to pay normal bills attend outings or maintain their hobbies. They may behave differently around specific people becoming Angry or withdrawn.

Institutional Abuse- is when people are treated as a group and not as individuals by an organization or care provider, such as set mealtimes and meals, bedtimes.

Signs- rebellious behavior, loss of self-esteem with possible depression, may become angry with family, friends and advocates.

Self-Neglect- This situation needs to be monitored over time to establish if this is Personal choice or mental health onset. Staff MUST NOT impose their own personal beliefs; it is the service users choice to maintain their own standards and values as part of their own individuality.

Signs- when a service users own standards are gradually slipping and they are not expressing this as a personal choice. Staff must record all findings and discuss with the team, managers. If the service user is putting themselves or others at risk then a multi-disciplinary team will form to plan with service user agreed boundaries to keep all parties safe.

Neglect by others- This is when care is not provided for a person and they suffer because of it.
Signs- Over use of PRN medication. Bed sores and urine burns, Decline in the service users appearance. The service user may be withdrawn or angry, suffer from low self-esteem. Suspicion requires ACTION!!!!

If you suspect Abuse or the service user reports abuse to you MUST ACT: 1
The service user must be protected from the alleged abuser; they must be made safe given assurances and feel supported. They must have Medical treatment if required. They may need you to contact their friends or family for further emotional support. 2 Report

Staff must report ALL suspicions of abuse and allegations of abuse made by the service user to their line manager as soon as possible. Management will inform social workers and the Adults at Risk help desk, they will instruct you to contact the police if necessary. Company policies must be followed:- Use TED (tell me, explain to me, describe to me ) to record the allegation this must not include staff members thoughts or feelings ONLY facts. Write appointment sheets if medical or police contact is made to include names, addresses and contact details. Record the outcome of each meeting. 3 Preserve

Preserve any/ all of the evidence of the potential abuse. This could be a crime scene, with valuable evidence for a conviction. If in the case of sexual abuse then the forensic evidence will be necessary, discourage the service user from:- *cleaning up the area in which the alleged crime took place *Do not remove bedding or clothing

* They Must not was or shower, brush hair or teeth
* Keep everyone else out of the area to reduce contamination 4 Record and Refer
All information the staff may have whether it be an allegation, hard evidence or simply a suspicion of abuse, it must be properly recorded in the daily notes or on statement sheets that are given to your line manager. Always record observations things you have seen or heard yourself and remember this is a legal document and you may be required to attend a court hearing. The service user in some cases will be directed to give a full account of the alleged abuse to the police which will be recorded and transcribe. All documentation of information or details of allegations should be given directly to your line manager to be stored in a safe place and made ready for the other agencies involved to access if necessary, this information is
kept private and confidential to protect the service user and the investigation process. People who may be part of the multi-disciplinary team: in the event of sexual abuse Managers -They usually refer information to the social workers and adult at risk Help Desk, they would update risk assessments and put preferred staff in place. Adult Help Desk the managers call the help desk to inform and seek advice on specific protocol for the management of the incident. The help Desk inform social services and are the central contact threw out the gathering of information process. Social workers- To be made aware of the situation and be informed of advice/ requests made by Managers and the Adult help desk team. Police Take professional statements and organise the collection of evidence from the scene. In the case of rape, the police will send the victim to a rape sweet to collect evidence from their person. They will give advice and support to the victim and information to pass on to management and the help desk team. Family or Advocate to assist in the support of the service user, to help them feel safe and support them to feel part of the process and understand the process. Doctors Assist with any treatment of injuries. Offer meditational support for depression or high anxiety if required. CPN To help ensure existing mental health issues do not deteriorate due to incident. Support workers Preferred staff would offer on-going support to the service user for a period of time until the evidence had been gathered and the investigation was complete, and the multi-disciplinary team could put a plan together. Sources of advice, support, information to support understanding of safeguarding; Council Safeguarding course

Deprivation of liberties training (DOLS)
Adult At risk help desk
Police non-emergency number
Quality care commission
Managers and senior staff

Always, Always REMEMBER !
If in Doubt
Check It out !!!!

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