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Hewlett-Packard Company officially called HP is an American multinational company initially created for electronic and instrumentation which has evolved towards computer software and multimedia. It is one of the 40 biggest companies of the world. Its main products are printers and peripheral devices, computers of any sizes (pocket computers, laptops, home computers as well as servers and services to other companies. The company has its headquarter at Palo Alto in the Silicon Valley in California. In 2008, the annual turnover was about 118 billion dollars and HP was the first computer maker of the world, before IBM and Dell. HP produces approximately half of the printers in the world, which represents a quarter of its turnover. Creation

January the first of 1939, the company Hewlett-Packard was founded in Palo Alto by two friends, engineers in electronics from Stanford University, William Hewlett and David Packard. The company was created in a garage, a few kilometers from San Francisco, in California. They first began with 585 dollars. For the story, the two entrepreneurs flipped a coin to choose if the company will be named Hewlett-Packard or Packard-Hewlett, Bill wan. The beginning

At first, Hewlett-Packard devised, make and commercialize trial and measure instruments with their new product which is an audio precision oscillator with prices lower than the concurrence. Their first client was Walt Disney Pictures which served to synchronize the sound effects in the film Fantasia. 1940 to 1970: from instrumentation to computer devices

Little by little HP finds out that the acquisition of data is essential when we possess numerous machines of measurement. From that point, HP develops its first microcomputers and home computers dedicated to data treatment. This will be done in two parts: In 1966 HP produces its first microcomputer.

In 1968, HP produces programmable calculators.
Informatique, priphriques et services des annes 1970
In the 1970s, HP develops different ranges of computers, technical just as well as management and personal.

Since 1972, HP develops a range of « micro-computers » dedicated to management in « real time », « multi task », « multi-user » whereas most of the other constructors where doing information technology in differed time. The company will also commercialize graph plotter (ancestor of the printer). HP will continue to increase its competitiveness with innovation concerning calculators, micro-computers, mini-computers, printers etc. Micro-computing and peripheries from 1980 to 2000.

To complete the range, HP expanded the range of peripheries, micro-computing, and workstation. In 1984, Hewlett-Packard commercializes:
Its first personal computer
Its first ink printer (Thinkjet)
Its first laser printer (LaserJet)
In March 1986, Hewlett-Packard recorded the domain « hp.com »; at that time it is the ninth company in the world to own internet domain. In 1989, HP buys the company Apollo.
In 1993, HP threw itself into general public of PC.
In 1994, it is the launch of printers Officejet, personal printer-fax-photocopier.

Acquisition and restructuration in 2000s
1999 2005

From 1999 to 2005, CEO Carly Fiorina buy and merge with Compaq Hewlett-Packard and reorganize the company reducing the number of 15,000 employees.

In May 2008, HP bought EDS which is the largest buyout of a services company in computer engineering ever made so far with a total of $ 13.9 billion. November 11, 2009, Hewlett-Packard announced the acquisition of 3Com for $ 2.7 billion U.S. dollars, operation materialized 12 April 2010. June 1, 2010, HP announced a dismissal will take place over several years to lead to the elimination of 9,000 employees. On 6 August 2010, Mark Hurd was forced to resign. Cathie Lesjak, the chief financial officer, has been acting as CEO. 2010-2011

On 2 September 2010, HP announced the acquisition of U.S. manufacturer 3PAR after a battle with Dell for $ 2.4 billion. The new CEO, Leo Apotheker, took office on 30 September 2010.

Since 2011
September 22, 2011, HP announced the replacement of Leo Apotheker with Meg Whitman, former eBay boss. May 23, 2012, HP announced a social affecting 27,000 employees. September 27, 2012, this social plan is reviewed on the rise and affects 29,000 people. November 20, 2012, HP announced a loss of $ 12.6 billion for the year 2012 including $ 8.8 billion related to the acquisition of Autonomy Corporation in 2011 In August 2011, HP announced the end of production for the PC end of the year, after the failure of its tablet but October 28, 2011, HP announced that it keeps its PC division because of the value it represents. In the third quarter of 2012, HP has lost its position as the worlds number one PC for the benefit of Lenovo, HP, however, disputes this Research and development, manufacture and distribution

Computer server
Networks, storage solutions, electronic document management
Professional microcomputers and large public
Scanners and digital cameras and printers
Printing CD and DVD recorders, DVD
TFT LCD, video projectors
HP Calculators.
Digital music player

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