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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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The transition from high school to college is sometimes difficult, but with a little knowledge and planning, students can make the transition very easily. There are some major differences between high school and college. There are differences in the teachers, the cost, and the personal responsibility involved. In high school, teachers are more helpful, there is relatively no cost, and although students are encouraged to be responsible, responsibility lies mainly with their parents. In high school, students have it pretty easy.

Teachers are there to guide and help students, and often will stay after school, offer extra credit or extended projects to help in the learning process. Teachers also often communicate with students parents to ensure they know what is going on in the classroom. There is relatively little cost involved with public high school. There are participation fees for sports and a fee paid at the beginning of the year, but textbooks are provided free of charge. Some more hands-on classes will have additional fees, but most of these classes are electives and do not have to be taken.

As far as personal responsibility, in high school, students are expected to behave as if they are preparing to be adults. They are given breaks from time to time, but are expected to behave as if they were training for the real world and to take their studies seriously. However, responsibility falls on the parents if a student is struggling in school or not attending classes. In college, teachers are not just teachers any more, the expenses are great, and personal responsibility is one of the lessons most hard learned. In college, teachers are not referred to as teachers. They are instructors or professors.

They have high degrees of education in their field, and are passionate about their subjects, often striving for perfection from their students. College professors often do not accept late or sloppy work and some do not accept extra credit or projects. Many have so many students in a class that they often are not even aware who is or is not in class. College instructors never speak to students parents about grades; it is a violation of confidentiality. College is quite expensive, however. In addition to tuition, there are fees for books and supplies and labs. College textbooks can cost up to $150 per class.

While parents usually help to offset the costs of college, personal responsibility falls solely on the student. Many students attend colleges away from home, so they need to begin doing their own laundry, cleaning, and cooking. Many will also work part-time or full-time jobs in addition to school to pay for the extras that their parents no longer provide. Personal responsibility is one of the lessons that college teaches students. Although they are both institutions of learning, high school and college are very different. They differ in the teachers, the cost, and the personal responsibility involved on the part of the students.

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