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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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Nature has always been looked at as an inspiration since beginning of time by all great artists and designers. Even in the current culture/era they have always looked back to historical arts and architectures for inspiration where they adapt, model, recycle and swipe arts. An Illustrated History of the Great Paris Designers and their Creations, New York 1972 Christian Dior He was a very influential fashion designer whom all designers respect and emulate.

In 1930s after World War II fashion designer Dior concentrate on women fashions, with soft shoulders, wasp waists and flowing skirts which was appropriate for the post war era. The whole design idea came from his mother which was worn in 1900s. This design suited also the political agenda. He had private presentations until his market grew bigger for the New look designs he had designed (Kawamura 2004, 89). In 1948 Dior opened a ready to wear boutique, launched new perfumes, prior to the Bar Suits he had made in 1947.

In 1949 he opened his Couture House managed by Civil Servant Jacques Rouet. In 1954 he unveiled new direction the French Bean line or Flat look, the New look Silhouette and Seamstress. Later in the year 1953 he discovered the Haule Couture autumn/winter, and in the year 1955-56 the Y Line dress, autumn/winter. (Kawamura 2004, 112) From the life and designs of Christian Dior we discover many of fashion designers nowadays are inspired by his life activities in design of great influence in the society.

Alexander McQueen 1969 He had a delighted fashion and design audience with raw presentation depicting history and anarchic politics. Hes best known for his challenging and commendable designs which have solidified his status. In 1995 he designed autumn/winter catwalks-Highland Rape. In the year 1997 he designed autumn/winter lapoupee combines, aggressive tailoring and lyrical romantiom. He also designed mens wear brand founded in the 19th Century and Military outfits (Quinn 2002, 132) He has always collaborated with others to make his designs best outfits.

Application From the two comparable designers Alexander McQueen and Christian Dior we find that art and design has always played a roll in the development of the human race. This is not only in small areas of our lives but in each and every aspect. For instance, spring/summer 2007 Christian Dior Kimono, non-western is inspired from the early 1800s through 1970s way back in the; Edo period 1603 to 1868, Meiji period 1868 to 1912, Taisho period 1912 to 1926, Shonwa period 1926 to 1989 which are currently sold in other names in the fashion industry (Kawamura 2004, 118) Since the World War II.

There have been great innovations in the fashion designs industry due to great creativity. Most of the fashion designs in the current market revolve around historical designs and changes made are to suit the changing lifestyles in our environment. Conclusion We all accept that from the times of Christian Dior, due to adaptability fashion designs has always become versatile and enlightening, hence history has always affected our present culture, and is more appealing. In fashion and design its an expression of life.

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