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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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When Andy Pforzheimer was in college, he took a road trip to New Orleans that would change his life. While discussing the citys eclectic dining with locals, a chef challenged Pforzheimer to go to France to discover what cooking is all about. Decades after listen to the chefs word, Andy Pforzheimer is a renowned chef cause he has been a restaurant professional for over 30 years. He owned his own catering and consulting business. After that he opened the first Barcelona Wine bar & Restaurant become Co-founder, a collection of seven wine and snack bars in Connecticut and Atlanta.

A graduate of Harvard University, he is responsible for the companys overall growth and execution. Barcelona Restaurant Group proud itself on being anti chain, means different place different foods and serves. When customers dine at any Barcelona Restaurants, they will experience the local color and personal touch of neighborhood eatery in Milan, SoHo and so on. At Barcelona, life is all about authentic cuisine, excellent service and good time. In order to delivering the special dining experience, Barcelona Restaurant Group realizes requires a unique approach to restaurant management.

Barcelona Restaurant Group gives employees the freedom and control they need to imprint customers. The mutual trust Barcelona places in workers is obvious during weekly staff meetings. They will share the info/knowledge or argue with someone like employees argue with managers during weekly staff meetings. Andy Pforzheimer always mixes it up with employees, and the dialogue gets touchy at times. He said that he interested in having other peoples opinions thrown at him, like managers who talk back, and like people who self start.

Besides, Scott Lawton, Barcelonas chief operating officer(COO) that joined In 2006. With its corporate office based in South Norwalk, CT, Scott helps oversee the development, day to day operations and personnel recruitment for the restaurants seven locations. He underscores that Barcelonas success depend on the mature initiative of employees. It was because, we just give some basic guideline as to what our philosophy is what our beliefs are, but we have to trust the employees to work within those limit and make the correct choice.

In refusing to micromanage every single behavior of employees, Barcelona willing to take risk to give power to the employees and allowed them to make decision that other restaurant establishment would rather prevent. Lawton known that you are actually limiting your ability to get better because they might not always make the choice that I would make, but sometimes they will make the better one. To give the employees a right answer to every question is impossible.

While the Barcelonas concern about the wait staff, they make the staff clear customer is the primary concern, everything else is secondary to that. Lawton agrees and he adds that Barcelonas insistence on service rarity leads to high contentment among employees. In conclusion, if we can empower employees to make guest satisfaction, they are going to earn money, the vibe of restaurant is going to be a ton of fun, everybodys going to enjoy the work, and they are happy, because that is a byproduct.

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