Holiday at Vung Tau Beach Essay

Published: 2020-02-20 14:51:41
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Last summer, I and my group spent our holiday at Vung Tau Beach. This is one of beautiful beaches in Viet Nam. It took two hours to take there. We concentrated in bus station. At 5 A.M we started our trip by bus. Although I feel tired after two long hours but sea air made me re-excited. Gradually, Bien Dong was in font of us. Bien Dong length 750 m with beautiful sea and form of entertainment is multiform. We arrange our bags and after that we quickly swum in blue sea. The weather was very nice. The golden light spread in white sand. Tiny waves crashing onto the beach. It is suitable for swimming. After swimming, we started to build sandcastles, listened the sound of the waves, felt the salted taste of sea and enjoyed some special foods. In the afternoon, we rode around on the road from back of the beach to font of the beach by double- bicycles.

That was a wonderful sight. One sight is sea, the others is mountain. It really made me forget everything to relax. And then, we decided climb to Tao Phung mountain. Sightseeing is as beautiful as the other places. So we took many photograph. Standing Gods shoulder is great. We can saw mountain, houses and wide sea. When we climb down the mountain, we bought some souvenir for our friends. A day go by so fast. I wanted to stay there longer but we had to come back to work the day after. The trip was short but it had a strong impression on me and I had many memories with my friends. We come back Bien Hoa city and felt comfortable after a good holiday.

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