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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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Growing up as young children, we come across many books and stories of knights and kings who fought bravely in battle for good, for freedom and for love. These were people full of courage who fought to protect those in need, such as the hungry and the weak, from others who want to do them harm. They carried good deed after deed, and they asked for nothing in return. All they did was for the people and the fulfillment of helping others. This was an example of honor. They were people who did good for others that most are unable to do, or unwilling to do.

Above all, they carried out this kindness for the benefit of others without expecting anything in return. Simply put, the word honor is a word that is used to describe one giving him merit and respect that he has gained, either by good work that he has done or by the good morals by which he lives his life. It is a word that although very commonly used in books, should still be lived by people today in everyday life. When one is told uphold your honor or you live your life with honor, it means that you carry out your life and decisions in a way that is great and by great example.

It shows that you are someone who lives by morals that speak well of you as a good person, and maybe even as far as saying, you are better than most of other people. For example, if there were many people in a race, and suddenly during the race, one runner fell down and hurt his leg. Then, all the other runners ran past the one injured to get to the finish line first, but one person went back to help the one who was hurt. I would say that the person who went back to help is one who lived his life with more honor than the others.

He was willing to sacrifice winning the race in order to help his opponent. It was an act that most of the others did not do, as everyone went on with the race to try and win. It was an act that was more noble and of greater good, and something only he did as he gave up the race to help an opponent. As such, you can say that he was one who showed honor in his decision. Another example would be a professional who worked in a company, wherein if even most of his officemates lied and cheated clients, he always remained truthful.

Or say, if he was one who always gave his best, never came late, and chose to work hard whether or not he was given apt gratitude by others. Through this example, one can see that the man was one with honor because he lives his life at a standard above what most do. He carries out his life doing good at a greater level than most would expect given the situations he In the same way, honor can be used to refer to ones own self being put on a pedestal and elevated to a higher status.

For example, when was says it is my honor to receive this award or it is my honor to be in the presence of the king, he means that he feels that he was elevated to a higher level. Honor here is an example of gaining a level of superior distinction because he received the award or was in the presence of the king. Both ways, honor is a term that denotes being of superior greatness and status. Whether it may refer to ones deeds and good works, or to ones own self being elevated, it is a strong word that stands for excellence and greatness.

Now the question that remains is how important honor really is and does it still exist to these modern day times? The answer is simple. Honor is one of the most important things for all times, whether it be in the past years of histories or the modern days of the present, as it is a goal and a standard that makes all of us strive to be better and better each day. Honor is a title of nobility and gained respect. Therefore it must be something we strive for everyday. It is not just something for the fairy tales and story books, where knights used to clash swords and cowboys ride off into the sunset.

It is something real and applicable everyday. It may be something as simple as helping a friend with his homework or being patient to listen to all the stories of your grandmother. It may be something as common as buying an extra doughnut for your sister, or washing the dishes for everyone on the table. People may misconceive that to gain honor one must be extraordinary in the sense the he must be well-known and popular. That is not true. Honor being lived in ones life is not about who is famous or in the limelight.

It is about living life well. It is about living life better each day, and this is something that everyone can do. Each day, we are put in many crossroads, many choices, where we have to choose between doing the harder good thing or just taking the easy way out. For example, it is always easier to lie and escape trouble rather than be honest and tell the truth. It is always simpler to just keep to yourself rather than go out of your way to help others. An example of honor in life would be to do the good thing, even if it is difficult.

It would be to stand out in the crowd by doing the right thing because it is the right thing. As such, honor, whether it be in living your life or honor gained by the good works you do, is important in bringing society to a better place. If each person could do their own part each day, to try to be better, to do one good deed for others, then truly the world would move for greater future. Imagine, let us say each day every person could try to live with more honor, or to gain honor by good works, then we would have a world of people trying to make things better.

It would mean that people would abide and live life with a strong sense o ethical conduct. There would be more respect for people. There would be less war and disharmony. Instead of people fighting against each other, countries battling left and right, cultures contending as to which must be most dominant, just to get what they want, people would find a way to work together with each other. Honor is something important and must be placed at the heart of society to make it great. Can all men gain honor? The answer is a big yes.

Each person has the decision to live by the very definition of honor. Each person can live by a strong sense of good moral character. Each person can choose to live with respect for others. Each person can aim to always be honest and true to others, and to give aid to those in need. As such each person can gain honor by goodness, and live with honor in his life. In short, honor may be best described as a mark of distinction that symbolized that one has achieved a standing that is worth great merit. This may be done through various ways.

One can live his life with honor, exemplifying good acts in his deeds. One can gain honor, by receiving an award or recognition for something done, or by being in the presence of a certain person or place. And one can live by a code of honor by striving each day to do things better and better. Honor should be at the center of each persons decisions and plans, and should be something alive in us everyday. Honor is a standard that lies deep within the heart of every man, and must be an ideal that we must learn to live for, to strive for and hold on to each day of our life.

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