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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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There are numerous pros and cons that you must consider when choosing a vehicle. For the purpose of this assignment I will be discussing both the positive and negative aspects of choosing between a luxury sedan and a compact car such as the Ford Escort. The Ford Escort is fairly affordable and a very reliable vehicle that can get you from point A to point B. It drives well an handles great! It got very good gas mileage at the time but it is important to know that gas prices werent nearly as high as they where then as they are today. I usually could fill up my tank for a measly 25 dollars.

Most models of the Escort came equipped with power windows and locks but mine unfortunately was not. It was dependable and I never had to worry about whether it would start in cold weather. It was also a good family car. The seats were fairly comfortable on long trips and for a small car it had plenty of muscle. The engine noise was a bit loud (especially compared to the Mercury Grand Marquis) but not loud enough to annoy me. The parts for these cars are not expensive either. In conclusion, this was a good little economy car. Now for the cons.

They did have a recall on the airbags so I had to take it back to the manufacturer. The main thing I really didnt like about the Ford Escort is that it didnt come equipped with a tape deck or CD player. Also, the transmission shifter sometimes locked in park. I would have to rock the car a little bit so the ignition switch would turn and the transmission shift would unlock. I also had a problem with the seal on the trunk. They also dont come with good warranties. There were other minimal problems with the brakes and the neutral safety switch but I fixed them and have had no problems since.

The luxury sedan I am comparing the Ford Escort to is the Mercury Grand Marquis. My uncles last three cars have been Grand Marquis as he has fallen in love with the comfort and smoothness and quality of the vehicle. He has told me that this car is always very reliable and durable as he usually lets them get well over 200,000 miles before he trades for a new one. The maintenance that he puts into to the car is minimal. Luxury vehicles put more emphasis on comfort, appearance and amenities, such as high-tech upgrades and higher quality materials than on performance, budget, or value.

It is very practical and versatile as it can hold up to six passengers has huge trunk space and gets decent gas mileage although it is a much bigger car than the Escort. When I have ridden in the car with him, I always noticed the smooth drive almost like we were floating on the interstate. The car also gets up to 70 and 80 miles per hour with ease. There are also some cons in choosing the Grand Marquis over the Ford Escort. The Grand Marquis is a lot more expensive (as it should be) than the Escort. If you were budgeting it would be a lot more reasonable to purchase the compact vehicle.

The Grand Marquis, although it gets decent gas mileage, has a bigger tank than the Escort and also the miles per gallon ratio is much better in the compact car. Some vehicles are only called luxury from peoples high opinion of them. Luxury is only a perception of the consumer. Many of the higher costing vehicles that are considered luxury may not have as many amenities as the lower costing vehicles. There are vehicles that with luxury car like characteristics and/or pricing that may not come with the level of comfort for them to be considered luxury vehicles.

So in conclusion both cars have a lot of positive and negative aspects. It depends on what you are looking for in a car. Whether it is good gas mileage and low maintenance or one that is very roomy an has a smooth ride. You may get a car with all the amenities to make it a luxury car but it isnt considered one an you may not pay the high amount for the car. It also depends on the accessories you are wanting with the car. Being that most luxury cars are all based on opinion you may purchase a car that isnt considered luxury by the average consumer but may be luxury to you.

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