Hopes and dreams of becoming the champions Essay

Published: 2020-02-07 06:21:13
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Football is truly one of the most brutal and exciting games we have in the world today. But it is also a game that requires the discipline of a soldier in battle. And no one knows this better than John McMurty who has observed the same thing in his years of playing the game. But is this primeval reflection of society the same in all sports? Not quite.

There are two things that football has in common with all other sports: (1) in order to win you have to beat the other team, and (2) to even qualify for a competition intense drills and discipline is required of every player. In this sense, all sports is a lighter version of militaries all over the world going to war with the only difference of not literally killing the other person, but instead, killing their hopes and dreams of becoming the champions.

The primal urge to take it all can be seen even in a sport that is entirely in another spectrum altogether. The sport of bowling, as demure as it might seem is of the same caliber as football. While the players in bowling dont exactly scream bloody murder at one another, nor do they manhandle one another, in another plane, competitors want to beat the hell out of their competitors by taking the title and transferring all that pent-up fury into the swing of their arms, knocking down pins.

These pins could even represent opponents the players want to crush, though they are merely representations. And unlike football players who receive punishing injuries at almost every game, bowlers receive theirs occasionally especially if they dont do their forms right or they dont throw the ball the way their coaches have drilled into them. This just goes to show that all sports are a reflection of societys hunger for taking it all and is the militarys baby sister in instilling discipline and in drilling.

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