How can your Korean Heritage Influence your Future Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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As a Korean, I am proud to say that my countrys heritage runs in my blood, and no matter what career or profession I take, Korea will always be a part of it. I have been in the chemistry field since my undergraduate days until graduate school where I specialized in neurotransmitter analysis. Thus, I wish to take the next step and continue my career in the field of Life Science. Life Science is a very wide field that involves studies about life and other similar fields such as biology and zoology.

This academic discipline involves the organization as well as the processes and the relationships of each organism to one another and to their environment (Life Science). Korea has a very scientific culture, and like other nations, it has experienced stages of growth and stagnation when it comes to science. Korea has a goal when it comes to modernization, and in order for them to reach it, they realized that making some changes in science and technology is a necessity.

Having advanced scientific knowledge will give any country the edge when it comes to industrial competitiveness. The Korean government is continuing to give support to speed up the process of innovating their industrial technology (Kwun). The efforts of the government to advance their technology and hasten their arrival in modernization earned their sweet reward because as of today, Korea is considered to be one of the most modernized and competitive country not only in Asia but also in the world.

My heritage greatly influences my future because it greatly involves the identity of oneself in relation to the identity of the country. My parents have taught me well and equipped me with Korean values that I need in order to survive the outside world with grace and dignity. As I grew older, I learned to make several decisions in my life. In everything that I decide to do, I always take into consideration not only myself but also my family.

Going to college and getting another degree will create an opportunity for me to rub shoulders with other people of different heritage and background, and as a Korean I am aware that I am representing my country, so I have to be careful in everything that I do. Surrounding myself with people, animals, and organisms helps me to appreciate more the value of life. Studying the organisms relationship with one another made me realize that be it people or animal, everybody must learn to interact in order to live.

Observing species interacting with one another also enables me to have a grasp of how everybody finds ways to belong and adapt just to continue living. I have long made up my mind about studying life science, and I can say that a part of my decision may be attributed to my heritage. While growing up, I observed that Koreans have a high respect not only for human life but for other creations as well, and that made me curious about the whole aspect of being, so I studied chemistry in college in order to learn about matter and its different compositions.

I have this insatiable thirst for knowledge, so after college, I studied again and became a PhD holder in neurotransmitter analysis. Now, I am embarking on another journey of my life by hoping to get a career in life science. I am very anxious and excited at the same time about this whole challenge that I am about to take, but I am confident that I am ready for this and I have my family and country to thank for that.

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