How is British Culture Represented within Little Britain? Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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In this essay I will be exploring how British culture is represented in the series Little Britain. Little Britain is a well known sketch comedy that is comprised of mainly two characters; Matt Lucas and David Williams. The title is known to have been derived from a combination of Little England and Great Britain.

The first character that I chave chosen to analyse is Vicky Pollard. Obviously, alike with all of the characters that are featured in Little Britiain, this character is fictional, but one may say that this character is used to portray the average chavvy teenager. For example, she will (usually) always try to integrate her extremely well known phrases (Dont go giving me evils!,Yeah but no but yeah but no but¦, Shut up! I aint even dun nuffin or nuffin!, Oh my god! I soooo cant believe you just said that!, and What-eva!), simultaneously incroporating tottally irrelevant gossip which has absoutely nothing to do with the problem that she has found herself facing. Sterotypically, she appears to wear the same Kappa outfit, more commonly known as a tracksuit. Vicks is always presented so do the wrong things, where I believe she is only doing it because she knows that it is the opposite of good. Common examples of this would be her abnoxious habbit for teenaged drinking, smoking and pregnancy. Vicky also seems to have the absurd perception of life, where if you originate from a poor working class family, then you automatically have low expectations in the future.

I believe her point of view to be invalid at this point, because she has (maybe unknownigly) sterotyped all though of whom fall into that catagory to have low expectations life, which, in fact, may only effect a small minorty; those who truely think this perception dictated by Vicky is correct. We can put this through to real life situations too; for example a survey was infact conducted that shows (in Britain), one person is the top 5 rich list, actually has a degree of some variance, which slightly backs up my point. For example, the infamous Richard Branson dropped out of school at 16 without any qualifications to his name, but that did not change his view of the world, and was just used as a sriving force to make sure that he got where he wanted to. Some may not agree that he came from a poor working class family, but leaving (and subsequently dropping) school without any qualification is what Vicky may expect from a poor working class student.

The second character that I have chosen to analyse is Dafydd, who to me, bring himself access as a very confused character. His well known catchphrase, is Im the only gay in the village, where in fact, if anything gay really does happened, he is the first the feel intimidated and scared, which shows that he in fact may not be gay, but just cant admit it. In excellent example of this would be when Myfanwy organised a gay night for Dafydd within the pub, and once the began to start arriving, Dafydd held a bar stool in his hands and cried out get back you gay bastards.

Furthermore, this shows either two things, his original statement to be incorrect, and he only stated it for the attention he may though hed receive, or two, he cant come out of the closet about his true feelings to is using this type of violent notions to mask whats really going on, in my opinon.He has other well known cathcprases including: Ill have another Bacardi and Coke please Myfanwy, Oh its so hard being the only gay in the village, Oh Myfanwy there just arent any other gays round here. This all show that he is in denial about his true feeling, and thhey conflict what is actually going on. He is or has been biased in to beliving that just because he is gay, he will be restricting from getting on with his life, and doing the average day-to-day activity. For example he belives, specificially because he is gay, that he will be unable to get a job and therefore is currently unemployed.

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