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Published: 2020-02-02 10:51:12
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Deciding to go continue my education and further learning is one of the best decisions Ive made only because its what will benefit my future living, financially and mentally as well. We all have an idea of what we want in life, but we end up doing the opposite and resulting in being miserable. A person like me, a black man, is pretty lucky to have come this far 39 years without going to prison. With a degree, I would be more knowledgeable and socially accepted. I havent always chosen the right friends.

Luckily, I havent been in any trouble. Although college is a privilege but I see it more as a necessity in life in order to expand my horizons and lifes possibilities. Attending school will teach me useful tips Ill use for the rest of my life, whether its time management, not procrastinating with anything and pushing myself to the highest possible limit. Earning a degree will change my life, and my childs life in many ways. A degree would help us in this economic downturn.

I have been working as a hairdresser for over 10 years now, and while it pays the bills, there is no room to go on vacation. There are no emergency funds set aside. Our economy may be getting better; however I do not believe I can get a head. I will continue skating by, or worse, an emergency may happen and I will not have the funds to cover it. A degree would give me pride in myself. Ive always wanted to go to college, however I could never find the right time. A degree would help me accomplish a better life for myself, and my daughter.

It will also set a huge example for my child. You never want your children to experience your downfalls. People want the best for their children. I believe my daughter will be more inclined to go to college if I were to graduate and earn my degree. She has seen the jobs Ive had in the past, the trials, tribulations, financial hardships, stress, the many times weve had to move, and she can compare it to how stable we can live once Ive earned a successful living because of Higher Education.

I would like to study Business Administration with an emphasis on human resources management I love the training aspects and seeing people up to win at there job with proper training and instruction My profession in business would make my daughter and immediate family so proud of me. Not one person in my immediate family went to college. I would love to make new history, and set a new trend within my family. At the end of the day college is not something to not take seriously; it requires dedication, patience, social skills, etc.

College is something provided for adults of all ages that offer the opportunity to become a more advanced educated citizen. Its something with great value and credibility in the real world when it comes to seeking for a salary paid job, with any college experience comes an automatic gain especially if completed and exited with a degree. At the end of the day college is not for everyone to attend is what I have always been told, but I now know that it is for me!

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