How to Tie Scarfs in Different Ways Essay

Published: 2020-01-07 00:20:05
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Basically, a scarf is a piece of cloth tied around the head, neck of waist as a part of their ware. To some, they add a scarf for sweat cleaning and for body protection from extreme cold during the winter season.

Before we begin these are the materials that we will be using a pin or brooch and of course your selected scarf. Then we can move on for our examples of different ways and design of wearing a scarf. First THE TOSS Put your scarf to your neck, and then toss one side of the scarf at the back, basic and easiest way of wearing scarf. Second is THE CRISS CROSS, Grab your scarf and fold it into half, Grab one of the loose ends and put it thru the loop, Grab the other end and put it over and under the loop.

Third is THE BOW, Drape the scarf on the side of the neck where you want the bow to be placed, Make sure the end you are tying the bow is longer than the other, Grab the longer end and loop it around and into the hole as if tying a knot, Do not pull out the scarf all the way, Tighten and fluff it out and theres your bow!, You can also add a little pin or a brooch to jazz it up a bit! Fourth is THE NECKTIE SCARF, Grab any ring and use it as a scarf holder, Stuff the ends of your scarf into the ring and secure the place. Last style is THE CELEBRITY, Drape the scarf on the side of your neck, Wrap it around your neck, Tuck the end of the scarf in the center, Also tuck the other end of that scarf but not too much.

Wearing scarf is not only rotating on basics. Scarfs can be tie in different ways, it only depends on how we perform it. We can achieve different types of fashion and design when you have the knowledge in converting a simple piece of scarf to a good-looking accessory.

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