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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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Chapter 12: Huck and Jim float down the Mississippi for a few days. They spot a boat and Huck, looking for an adventure, decides he and Jim should hop aboard. They overhear two robbers threatening to kill a third. Jim and Hucks raft breaks loose and floats away.

Chapter 13: Jim and Huck steal the robbers getaway boat. Huck feels bad and goes to shore for help. Jim and Huck abandon the robbers getaway boat and go to sleep.

Chapter 14: Jim and Huck go through the items salvaged from the robbers boat. Huck tells Jim stories about kings and queens. Jim expresses his dislike for adventures, pointing out that they could get him killed or captured.

Chapter 15: As they head for the Ohio River, Huck and Jim get separated by a thick fog. Huck finally rejoins Jim, who is sleeping. He tells Jim that he dreamed the entire incident. When Jim notices the debris on the raft, he realizes the truth and is upset. Huck apologizes.

Chapter 16: Hucks conscience troubles him on account of his helping the widows property escape and he resolves to turn Jim in. When Jim tells Huck hes his only friend and the only one that hasnt lied to him, Huck changes his mind. Huck encounters two men who want to search Hucks raft for a runaway slave. Huck concocts a story about his family having small pox and the two change their mind. Huck and Jims canoe is stolen and their raft is destroyed by a steamboat. Huck escapes to shore and hes surrounded by dogs.

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