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The ongoing process of systematic planning to achieve optimum use of an organizations most valuable asset its human resources. The objective of human resource (HR) planning is to ensure the best fit between employees and jobs, while avoiding manpower shortages or surpluses. The three key elements of the HR planning process are forecasting labor demand, analyzing present labor supply, and balancing projected manpower demand and supply.

When a business becomes large enough, it must pay attention not only to the employees it needs to hire, but what kind of employees it is hiring and what skills it is giving them. Human resources planning is the strategy businesses use to link their vision, mission, and primary goals with the employees they hire for day-to-day processes. It involves both logistics and leadership skills.

A company may have all the financial resources it may need. But what if the manpower employed to manage the finances isnt well trained? Well, nothing more than your finances will be going down the drain. Most of the corporate frauds are a result of unethical and mismanaged processes. Improper human capital may create a numerical output, but not the desired one in terms of quality. Most of the time, the term human resource management is synonymously used with personnel management. However, the meaning is still the same. It involves, employing, developing, utilizing, managing and understanding the staff in an organization.

Importance of HRM:

Organizational Psychology holds that successful organizations do not owe their success solely to market realities and sustainable competitive advantages. Actually, there is a lot more. Successful companies are those that consider their human capital as their most important asset. Facts and figures are the quantitative elements of successful management, yet the qualitative, i.e. the cognitive aspects, are those that actually make or break an organization.

Since the industrial revolution, the world has progressed tremendously. Be it the steel industry, IT, fashion houses or housing sectors, development in all of these is evident. However, over the ages man has indiscriminately used and abused the natural resources available to him. It has resulted in a global energy crises and depletion of resources in general.

In this backdrop, what remains is an abundance of human resource, or lets says human capital. To achieve any more goals, tapping the right kind of resource is the key. We may have a business house worth millions of dollars. But what if there isnt the manpower that suits the nature of the business? Hence, developing the manpower is of utmost importance.

The Process of HRM Planning:

It demands the HR manager to first understand the business requirement. Only if he comprehends the nature and scope of the business, will he be able to employ those who will deliver the required performance. When it comes to engaging the manpower, the manager should have a keen eye for spotting the talent. It ensures that the workforce is competent enough the meet the targets.

Additionally, the existing talent pool in the workplace should be taken into consideration, so that people with complementary skills can be employed. The functions of the HR manager are varied; he has to assess the currently employed workforce and their shortcomings. Identifying these shortcomings goes a long way in choosing an efficient workforce.

While recruiting the new employees, the HR manager must calculate the expected workload. This way the HR department can design an accurate job profile and job expectations. Once you have the decided job descriptions, looking for candidates who fit the job will be easy. Dont be fooled by their qualifications, it is only the relevant experience that matters more. A good HR manager is one who has the zeal and passion to motivate his prospective employees to perform to their potential.

This process, thus, can be considered as one of the strategic steps for building the strong foundation of an efficient workforce in an organization.

HR Planning Process of my Organization

The HRM System of my organization is very comfortable for me. We work like a Family. Our organizations is a Family for all staff. The Vision of the organization is:

The perpetuity of our existence is for the superiority of lives of our valued clients, and combining the quality, reliability & professionalism with the customers welfare has been the only business challenge for us. To achieve service excellence by providing global standard financial services at reasonable price and thereby contribute to the society creating exceptional value for our stakeholders. We do not undertake investments on projects that have been scientifically proven to be harmful to human society and the global environment.

Our Human Resource Management system is well organized and it update day by day as required. Normally, Human Resources Managers handle personnel decisions, including recruiting, hiring, position assignment, training, benefits and compensation.

There are various functions that the HR Department looks into. They are Recruiting and hiring
Determining salaries
Handling leaves
Reviewing and processing awards
Handling retirements
Workers compensation
Policy making and implementing
Training and development

Drafting Policies

Our organization follows certain policies and the HR department formulates these policies. It is the most important function of the HR department. All the policies need to be drafted taking into consideration the goals of our organization.

Recruiting Procedure

In the earlier day our organization gave Newspaper Advertising for recruiting new people but now a day world is going to be Internet Base, in that context our organization also using their Advertisement in for recruiting new and well experienced people. Its response is first and effective. I am also going to recruit in that procedure. So, I think it a well advertising media. HR Department Download CV and make a short list from those CV which our required match posts. Then make a communication (it sometime phone call or e-mail) with the candidate for Interview.

Next face is to take a Written and a verbal test. The written test is based on English, Mathematics and IQ. Another part of test is a question paper is use for checking his/her mentality test.

After successfully completing the written test those who are all qualified they get a call for a verbal test. Through this test checking his/her work experience, organizational behavior, personal behavior, overall his/her efficiency.

Once he/she passes the entire test HR Department offer him/her 06 months Provisional Period Job through an Appointment Letter with all condition and a HR Manual. After successfully completion his/her provisional period he/she will be a Permanent Staff of PISL. But there is a condition that every staff must have to be renewal his/her job position in an Organizational Format. In that time if any of the staff is not renewal his/her contact of 1 year then organization will think that he/she will not interested to continue with us.

Job Description Drafting

The HR executive drafts the job descriptions that the people of the various designations of the organization is expected to perform. These job descriptions define all the qualities, skills and qualifications required for each designation.

Background Checks

It is the responsibility of the HR department to perform the background checks of all the employees that are appointed by the organization. The potential employees should also be thoroughly checked.

Employee Records

The HR department is expected to file all the details of the employees working in the organization. Each employee has a file of its own and these files are confidential. The job requires the executive to always keep these files updated.

Employee Relations

The HR department plays an important role in maintaining good employee relations within an organization. It is the department that takes into accounts the inquiries and issues faced by the employees. This is an important aspect of the job description and needs delicate handling.

Performance Appraisal

Annual performance reviews and appraisals are conducted by the HR department. Employee performance needs to be conducted accurately as the promotions and salary increase depend on these reviews. All the performance management records need to be maintained in the correct employee files. A performance appraisal is one of the important HR manager duties too.

Training and Development

All the employee training and development needs of the organization are handled by the HR department. It identifies the people who need to be trained, arrange for the training sessions and later take feedback to ensure that the training is implemented in the day-to-day work of the employee.

Leave Management

The HR department looks after the leave management of the employees. They need to maintain proper records of the number of leaves entitled to the employees, the leaves taken and the balance. It is also responsible for looking after the employees attendance and regularity. The HR department needs to update the leaves as per the changes in the laws too.

Discipline & Decorum

It is the unfortunate responsibility of the HR department to arrange for disciplinary action on the employees who are guilty of missing out too many days of work, not following the rules and regulations of the company and who refuse to follow the company policies. This will ensure that there is discipline in the organization.


The safety requirements of the organization are of paramount importance. It is the responsibility of the HR department to draft the safety policies to be followed by the organization and to implement them.

Apart from the above, the human resource manager job description also include the following

The HR managers work closely with the company lawyers to sort out the corporate issues and suits filed against the organization.

The HR managers are required to play an important part in the determination of the annual budget of the organization. The HR manager conducts the benefits, performance appraisals and the salary hikes, so he is in a position to determine the increase in the organizational spending.

Any changes in the staffing of the organization needs to be handled by the HR manager. The HR manager is in charge of the employee motivation and needs to resolve issues which hinder employee performance.

Working Environment

WORK ENVIRONMENT is a place where an employee spends his or her more than a day which provides them which should be energetic, relaxing, friendly, atmospheric, green surroundings and also it should be very much comfortable for an employee to work in. In that context our organizations working environment is so nice. Every staff is helpful to each other. Every department work is well organized so that there is no extra pressure for a staff. Managers is always take care of their under staff. They say that take your time for work but make it perfect.

Our Customer Service Department is focusing on customer satisfaction; they deliver their best services on time and with high quality, accurate speed, safety and security. They are mainly customer-oriented.

Level is the main thing which identifies the position which leads the responsibilities played by an individual. Level is given by a Human resource as per the qualifications of its employees.

Culture is an important role in this organization and it always understands the culture and thats why they advertise their brand and products by very good and very well done message appeal which spread over people. In the festive seasons they always distribute gifts to their employees customers suppliers in occasions like Bangla Nobovorsho, International Mother Language Day, Independence Day, Eid Day, New Year eve etc. They try to make their people realize about the culture which really send some positive energy and people feel the freshness and home in that beauty by this organization. Thus culture plays an important role.

To continue with work and job that is to manage the duties and responsibilities effectively and honestly, the level is organized by the management so the work gets divided as the role means the specific job is done by the specific person and there are different levels.

Benefits and compensation

The area of Compensation and Benefits belongs to the most specialized areas in Human Resources Management. Compensation and Benefits usually plays the role of the HR Controlling, setting the rules and procedures around the salaries, variable pay and benefits.

Compensation and Benefits is usually the function of HRM most connected with the competitors on the market and it sets the compensation policies, which are fully competitive on the job market, but the policies still meet the targets defined by the organization.

The clear definition of processes in Compensation and Benefits is very important as the processes are under the attacks from the line management every single day. There is no a day without a pressure for the salary review at the individual employees and the rules and standards must be waterproof.

Our Increment system is so update. It depend a employees full years different status like his work hour, working efficiency, extra work, environmental behavior (internal and external), approach with customer and his co-worker etc. Every term is defining some points and all total point indicates his increment and benefits.

The correct base salary is very connected to the competitive salary issue. The correct base salary is the salary, which ensures:

* the organization can hire a new employee at the requested level skills and competencies
* the organization is able to keep the employee
* the employee is motivated
* the salary is felt as being fair

The most important aspect is the fairness of the base salary to the employee, managers and the organization. Many organizations went through many organizational changes and the employees were moved from departments to completely different departments in the organization. After such an activity, the HRM Function has to be proactive and the overall organizational scan of the base salaries has to be conducted to revise the compensation policy of the organization. There are always employees, who are underpaid in their new position and employees, who are overpaid.

The role of the HRM Function is make a clear picture of the organization, to present the situation to the Top Management of the organization and the conclusion has to be made. The Top Management has to receive a proposal from the HRM Function ensuring the situation will be sorted out by several actions and the time frame has to be agreed. Compensation Strategy is one of the most important strategies in the HRM Function as it influences the costs of the organization and potential bad decision can lead to very serious damages to the organization.

The compensation and benefits strategy is derived from the overall HRM Strategy and it has to be fully aligned. When the HRM Strategy sets the main objectives for the HRM Function, the compensation and benefits strategy has to follow. When the overall HRM Strategy states the low cost of services and employees, the compensation and benefits strategy cannot target the highest salaries at all levels.

The compensation and benefits strategy sets the general rules for the compensation and benefits area in the organization and the owners and leaders of the area. In some organizations, the compensation and benefits department is just a support department for the line management. In other organizations the compensation and benefits manager is a very powerful employee in the organization with the right veto.

The compensation and benefits strategy sets the position of the organization on the job market and defines the items in the total cash in the organization and their role. The role of different components of the compensation is very important as the role of the compensation components can differ. For example, the role of bonuses can be primarily in performance reward or the retention of the employees and the organization has to decide.

The compensation and benefits strategy has to reflect the reality in the industry and the surrounding job market. The compensation strategy can set the wish to pay the lowest possible salaries, but the HRM Function and the organization have to respect the reality on the job market.

The compensation strategy needs a strong support from the top management as it sets strong limits to the daily operation of the line management and they usually do not fully agree with all the aspects included in the compensation and benefits strategy.

Apart from these, there are several other areas where the human resources department plays an important role. Hence, the department is termed as a support department. In order to work efficiently for the employee welfare, it is mandatory that the people working with the human resources are aware of how to handle the above.

Human resources are the assets of any organization. They need to be looked after as they are the reason for the companys existence. Human resource is also one of the various functions in an organization. It is responsible for human resources management of the company. Thus, human resources become an important department and function of any organization. When you take up a job in the human resources, you are basically dealing with the policies and strategies followed by the organization for welfare of the employees (human resources).

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