Humor in the Workplace The Weighing the Pros and Cons Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:27:31
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Weighing the Pros & Con

sSubmitted to:Wilma ThomasonPrinciples of Management InstructorPrepared by:Successful Future ManagementKenya HardenSunday, June 28, 2009Humor in the WorkplaceWeighing the Pros & ConsI.IntroductionA.Evaluating the problems in the workplace1.Poor productivity2.Lack of creativityII.Benefits of incorporating humor at workA.Improves healthB.Reduces stressIII.How stress effects companiesA.Increases possibility of mistakesB.Loss of money

IV.ConclusionA.Companies encourage humor1.Set ground rules2.Know what is allowed

Increase your companys earning potential by paying your employees to watch comedy shows and play games for thirty minutes a day! Reduce employee sick leave by establishing company playtime. These statements may sound asinine, but companies are discovering the benefits of incorporating enjoyment and laughter in the office. People spend at least forty hours a week in the workplace and about five or more of those hours are spent trying to think of a new idea, or trying to complete a project because they cant focus. Some employees are just drained and their minds are bombarded with thoughts of what they need to do at home.

As a way to keep their employees focused and boost productivity, many companies are taking heed to the saying: Laughter is the best medicine. It is becoming a fast growing trend in businesses to find ways to allow their employees a period to loosen up and laugh. Laughter has been found to keep a person healthy and has several benefits; it lowers tension, causes one to relax, boosts the immune system and can even temporarily relieve pain (

Laugh and the world laughs with you, this seems true even in the workplace. It is important that various methods are available to help employees eliminate stress so that their work is not affected. Stress can have a very negative effect on employee performance and causes burn-out. A person that is stressed-out is often distracted and makes mistakes. This can cause a major financial loss to the company, as well as the employee, if injury occurs or a major project is delayed.

Some companies consider that having fun or joking around on the job as goofing off. Management in these types of companies feels that employees do not take their jobs seriously. Some employees are even labeled as adolescent, unprofessional and unproductive. This type of atmosphere creates tension and increases the risks of work related health problems in employees. It also costs the company money due to excessive downtime due to the lack of creativity.

However, many companies have been encouraging employees to have fun at work and have even set-up special rooms for their employees to take breaks equipped with televisions and games. By allowing employees to enjoy themselves at work, companies are building better relationships and strengthening communication between management and employees. So why not put the low cost, (if not free) remedy of humor in place? Laughter is contagious. It can make the workplace more pleasurable by easing tension, reduce risk of employee burnout, improve productivity and creativity.

The key to the success of implementing humor in the workplace is to make sure that no one oversteps boundaries or cause injury to anyone. It is crucial that no one is offended by joking; steer clear of religious, political, or personal topics. Everyone must be mindful of what is allowed and what is taboo.

It is recommended that all business incorporate humor in the daily routines of their employees. The physical and mental health of employees is reflected in his or her performance. Allowing fun and relaxation on the job as a release will only improve productivity. The benefits of humor well out-weigh the risks.

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