Hunger Games Survival Essay

Published: 2019-12-18 07:11:05
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The game is designed to kill you. From the first moment when you are dropped into the merciless jungle, you are actively trying to be killed. Forgetting the band of other survivors that are effortlessly searching for you, there are many terrors you must be ready for. To prepare for these, you must have a good shelter, a way to find food and water, and a positive mental attitude.

A shelter is arguably the most important of the 10 essentials in survival. Without a shelter, you could get soaking in rain or snow, and subsequently, die from the moisture. You will get bitterly cold during the night and die in your sleep. So Katness knew she needed a good shelter. One that would keep her warm and dry, as well as mobile. She built two kinds of shelter; one was high in a tree, both to protect her from the indigenous, and to keep her off of the moist ground.

She knew that sitting directly on cold or snow covered ground will increase the rate of heat loss drastically. So even in the tree, she put her jacket below her and her towel above her protect her from the elements, both below her and above her. The second shelter she built was a makeshift debris hut. She found the base of a huge redwoody type of tree, which provided a stable back and added protection from snowfall and climate protection. She, one again, added a blanket to the floor as well as many ribs on her debris hut and foliage both for camouflage and climate protection.

Finding food and water in this Amazonian jungle proved difficult. As two of the ten essentials, food and water are necessary in survival. Luckily, she brought enough nutrient rich power bars with her to surpass the amount of time she needed to. She was also aware to not over work, and keep a 60% rule when searching so her power bars would be sufficient. Finding water, was much more difficult. Water is scarce in many jungle environments, so she had to take little bits of snow in a bottle and let it melt over time and drink it. Eating straight snow will actually make you thirstier than without it, good thing she new that.

Even with a stable shelter, a substantial food and water supply, and a sense of safety, she was still finding it difficult to keep a positive mental attitude, or PMA. Without a positive mental attitude, someone in a survival situation could lose hope of being found or surviving the night, and could just die. That is why she does simple activities to keep a PMA. She thinks about here friends and family back home, her boyfriend who is also stuck in this jungle, and other activities to keep her motivated and keep her striving to survive this unfortunate event.

Due to her knowledge of the 10 essentials, knowing how to build a shelter, and the power to keep a positive mental attitude, Katness made it out of this treacherous situation. This may have been a movie, but this is a real world situation that anyone could have found themselves in. The opportunity to learn about the 10 essentials, or how to build an adequate debris hut, is an opportunity that you do not want to miss. These life-saving tips have not only helped Katness make it out of the Hunger Games, but it may also help you make it out of a life or death situation of your own.

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