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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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Hammurabis Code of Laws is often described as an important new technology of rule because it established clear expectations of rights, obligations, and possible penalties for all Mesopotamians, thereby making delegation of ruling power easier while also providing people with the stability if knowing what to expected of them. The codes also give modern-day people a clear picture of Mesopotamian values as well as their social and gender differences. Summarize the limitations and rights that Mesopotamian women have.

The Mesopotamian women had absolutely not that many rights. The father had complete control over his daughter until she got married. He usually planned this when his daughter was a child. She had to listen to what her father said until she got married as well. He had the right to labour them in return for their keep. And if the father died then the mother would take over, if she did then the elder brother would take over. The marriage was more of a contract marriage. Whereas if the man wanted to get a divorce its up to him. If the women had debt prior to get married, the husband was responsible now for her debt. But, if her husband had debt she wasnt responsible for his. During the divorce, if the wife had kids with her husband she is subject to get the custody of the children.

Conclude what the main behaviors are that the law is trying to support and deter. I think the main behaviors that the law is trying to support and deter is be responsible, honest, and dont be greedy.

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