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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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Friendship. What does it mean? I believe that friendship means that youre there for a person no matter what and if they are in need then you would do anything to help them out. Hunters in the Snow doesnt exactly define friendship. If anything it defines betrayal. Throughout this short story some of the characters do actions to their friend. Betrayal and loyalty is kind of the theme throughout the story and it makes a person think about who their real friends are.

In Hunters in the Snow, Kenny, Tub, and Frank are all supposed to be friends, but through a couple series of events make a person wonder what exactly friendship means to them. Each one of the characters has certain traits that can lead them to betray them. Towards the end of the story, the reader starts to feel sorry for Kenny after Tub and Frank leave him in the back of the pickup while they go eat pancakes, then Frank and Tub accidentally make a wrong turn so they couldnt get Kenny to hospital in time after being shot.

Lack of loyalty also leads to betrayal in this short story. In the beginning, Tub and Kenny were pretty good friends, but towards the end, Kenny is almost the outcast when Tub and Frank just leave him in the back of the truck wounded while they stop and eat.

Betrayal and loyalty is a key characteristic that is portrayed in Hunters in the Snow. After reading this short story it really makes on person think about the characteristics they look for in their friends. Throughout this short story it was pretty obvious that all three of the main characters lack characteristics of being a good friend, but they are all very good at backstabbing their friends.

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