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Published: 2017-04-23 07:01:48
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The best breeds of hunting dogs are Beagles, Labs, Cocker Spaniels, and Golden Retrievers. Beagles are best for running and baying at rabbits. Labs on the other hand are mainly used for ducks or geese. Cocker spaniels and Golden Retrievers are primarily house dogs as well as pheasant or quail dogs. These dogs are the best at what they do because of breeding throughout many, many years has instinctively taught them how to hunt certain game. Beagles have been bread and trained to hunt rabbit for many years.

Their small bodies are excellent for running through the underbrush and following the rabbit into holes. Beagles also have a very deep bark which can be heard for hundreds of yards. Pure bread Beagles have a white tipped tail, this was breed into them so that the hunters can see the beagles movements in tall grass and thick cover. Labs are the ultimate retrievers. Their feet are more webbed than most other dogs this means that they are able to get around in water much easier and faster.

Labs coats are also designed to be in three different colors black, chocolate, and yellow these colors are neutral colors which means that they can not easily be spotted by birds that fly overhead. Labs also like to play fetch which is a very instinctive game to them since they have been taught to retrieve birds for a long time. Cocker Spaniels and Golden Retrievers are very mild mannered dogs. They are easily house broken and are very friendly. Cocker Spaniels are relatively smaller that the Golden Retriever which makes it a good house dog.

They are also good at pointing and jumping Peasant. Golden Retrievers are usually more rambunctious than the Cocker Spaniels and are more heavily used for jumping Pheasant. These dogs are used for Pheasant and Quail hunting because the hunter needs a dog with a lot of patience to wait for him to get into position before jumping the birds. These dogs are the best available breeds to hunt these specific animals because they are easily trained to hunt them.

These dogs grow up and naturally like to do things that are useful for hunting these game animals such as swimming, baying, pointing, and fetching. Most successful hunters that hunt Quail, Rabbit, Ducks, or Pheasant use these breeds of dog to accompany them on the hunt. These dogs are all very friendly and have great personalities. They enjoy kids as well as adults. Every breed was made to do certain tasks this is just the breeds that do the best at what they do.

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