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Published: 2019-12-06 03:00:42
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Year after year in the hunting industry people have argued that crossbows should be legal for everyone during hunting season. Finally a few years ago the national hunting board of admnistratives passed a law stating, anyone can use a crossbow during the archery part of deer season. this new law take all the sport out of bow hunting, it makes illigally poaching deer tremendously easy, and also it teaches the newer generation of hunters the wrong way to hunt.

As far back as hunting goes one of the hardest ways to kill an animal has been the bow. its an adrenaline rush pulling the bow back on a big whitetail. now their taking that thrill away by allowing the use of a crossbow. its taking all the sport out of bow hunting, with a regular bow a hard shot was 25 to 30 yards now thay have crossbows out that will shoot out to 85 yards. making it basicallly like a gun theres no pull back, its a trigger like a gun. as stated in NABC (North American Bowhunting Coalition) ( Crossbows are not bows.

Crossbows have mostly rifle-like characteristics such as a gun stock for shoulder mounted shooting, trigger safety, optical sights, locked anc cocked at full draw by a mechanical device, carried loaded and ready to shoot, rigidly controlled internal ballistics, minimal movemnetn to shooting position and can be shot from a rest. ) Its not fair to the sport of hunting, used to it took a skilled archer to kill a deer, now a toddler could pull the trigger and kill one. The relaxed restriction on rossbow hunting makes poaching deer illigally much easier.

Poacher have to fire off a gun, which was incredibly loud, which would scare deer off and let any game warden within 10 miles aware that something illigal was taking place. now we have givin poachers an easy route, a virtually silent killing machine. A poacher can kill a deer in a natioal park and no one would ever know they was there. However, some might say people could still poach with crossbow before they legalized them, and this is true, but now everyonne having crossbows in there truck on there way back from hunting puts a whole lot more pressure on the fact that they can take a long quite shot on a big deer on the side of the road.

Its always in the back of every hunters mind when they see a deer on the side of the road, but now were giving every hunter the ultimate tool of being able to illigally shoot a deer with ease. Lastly but not least its teaching our newer genereation the improper way of hunting. Now were implying in our kids heads that its okay to shoot a deer at 80 yards with a crossbow. thats not right, they should hae to shot a regular bow and earn the deer instead of just pulling the trigger with these new crossbows.

Its extremely inmportant to teach our kids good hunting skills like when to pul the bow back, how you have to make sure the deer isnt looking at you, but with corssbows it doesnt matter they just pull the trigger like a gun. I think we are abusing the right to use them. I think people with a physical disability should be the only ones legal to hunt with crossbows. not giving one to a teenager who just wants to go kill 20 deer just to say he did.

Make kids and for that matter everyone go out and learn the right way with a real bow and arrow. I think we are ruinging the sport of hunting by allowing anyone use a crossbow to hunt deer. Its taking all the sport out of hunting, making illigally poaching deer like a walk in the park, and also teaching the newer genereations of hunters the wrong way to hunt.. There a lot of facts to support my claims, its a no brainer that the national hunting assosoation made the wrong decicsion by passing the law that crossbows are legal for anyone.

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