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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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The thought that two different works of art written by authors of different countries, different backgrounds, living eight hundred years apart and centering on religion”more [specifically] their portrayal of God and how he is like the sun”[being similar] would [be] deem[ed] [as] impossible [or not likely by many]. [However,] the poems []Hymn to the Aton[ by Akhenaton] and []Psalm 104[ by David are examples of] this very occurrence.

[Some scholars assert] that either the latter was copied from the former or that these two works are the result of a cultural split, [due to the] vast difference of [similar] elements [and subject matter that the poems share. ] the poems were fostered within, their similarities in content, and that the poems could not have been creative coincidence.

The benefits in understanding that these works have some connection, whether by plagiarism or cultural dissect, provides scholars with more knowledge about the world we live in, helps to decipher some of the myths and mysteries of other cultures with similarities and shows the public all cultures may not be as different from each other as we think, helps to show that propaganda has been used since the earliest of times, and that if societies do not document their findings or creations people will eventually circle back and rediscover them.

Collectively, if applied to the modern world, these benefits will advances in many fields of academia and help society at large to become more critical thinkers and problem solvers. [Based on your body paragraphs, I have simplified your thesis map to the following:] [The three clearest similarities of the two poems include their similar discussion of the power of the sun or the notion of the sun as a symbol for the power of God, the similarities of the daily activities of the two cultures and their link to their God, and the emphasis of monotheism.

] [Now, provide one or two sentences that explain what current societal issue can be resolved or lessened through the realization of the similarity of these two poems. ] The contrast between Hymn to the Aton and Psalm 104 are numerous. Hymn was written by Pharaoh Amenhotep IV around 1300 B. C. E. in order to help support his efforts to convert all of Egypt to monotheism and worship of the Sun, which called Aton. [First, it is uncanny the manner in which both poets use the sun as a point of reference for their God].

In [Hymn to the Aton Akhenaton proclaims] the actual Sun [as] god. Thou living Aton the beginning of life!¦ Creator of seed in women, Thou who makes fluid into man, Who maintainest the son in the womb of this mother.. In the psalm, King David writes how God created the sun [to] reflect His greatness. [Provide a quote from Psalm 104 that shows David discussing the sun. ] LORD my God, you are very great; you are clothe with splendor and majesty¦ But at your rebuke the waters fled, at the sound of your thunder they took flight.

King Davids poem was written about eight hundred years after the hymn and David does not mention much about himself, instead he praises the Lord. I will sing to the LORD all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live. Based on the time and purpose of these poems, they could not have been coincidence, that the poems are similar, there had to have been a purposeful connection between them. [While there are slight variations of how the sun is used, in both poems the writers explain how the sun meets the needs of the people and how that act is a symbol of the greatness and goodness of God.

] Understanding this connection helps us to discover more and develop our perception about the world around us. [How so? Explain how it can benefit one group of people to be able to realize similarities with another group of people with whom they have historically seen no connection. ] [Next, both poems] list almost identical daily activities in the exact order throughout the works. [Provide quotes from both poems. ] Many of these [similarities] seem to be paraphrased and suggest that these writing come from the same source like two eye witness accounts of the same crime.

After understanding the differences in the authors cultures, religions, and time periods these similarities support the claim that the works are connected either by plagiarism or cultural split. This helps [readers] to realize that many cultures may not be as different from one another as [people often] think. [Yes, and how can this realization help our culture or society? What societal issue or problem can be solved or lessened with this realization? ]

Based upon detailed examination [of] the similarities of the [poems, many scholars assert that the shared elements, especially the support of monotheism, are not] by coincidence. [Provide a quote supporting monotheism from both poems. ] Some researchers suggest that Hebrews fleeing from Egypt before the time of Moses, some of them wondered into temples where the hymn was written, and has the walked along the hymn was one songs they sang and it was carried throughout the generations, but not that the psalm is not a plagiarism of the hymn, this only leaves the notion that there was a cultural split.

We are not sure at this point how the works are linked, [While scholars disagree on which group influenced the other into embracing monotheism, it is clear that a cultural exchange occurred between the two groups. Thus, this realization of the similarity is another example for scientists and anthropologists showing that cultures have always exchanged ideas. This exchange of ideas becomes even more interesting when we realize that the Jews were enslaved by the Egyptians.

] but it could definitely give more light and support to how scientist and anthropologist other academic researchers and make strides in their fields, help us to understand how cultures are linked across the board. [Explain how discovering that these two ancient cultures exchanged ideas can provide a blueprint or inspiration for current cultures and how that blueprint or inspiration can help those cultures solve or lessen a current societal issue.

After deep analysis s of these two poems it is clear that one is either copied from the other or [that there was some mutual exchange of cultural ideas] at some point in history. [Using the two poems to realize this occurrence] helps historians and scientists to make deductions about connections [to] other cultures, [allowing more people to better understand the surrounding world].

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