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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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I dont belive in ghost!,I said to my grand mom.But she shocked me by saying her horror incident that she experienced .A fort night ago,she was alone at home and we children were playing in the garden.She was going to watch a horror movie.A very thrilling scene was going to happen,she said.Suddenly the lights started to flicker and there was a powercut.

She heard nises f someone counting numbers.As it counted till ten,it saidI am coming.She got scared.She went to switch on the emergency light but unfortunately it was not charged. It was really dark. Some how she managed toreach her room. She sat on the bed and started to pray. She heard noises,but as she was scared she did not go to see who was there. She heard noises of doors shutting,someone saying shhhhhhhh¦,and so on. As soon as the light came, she came outand saw that there was no one.After narrating the whole story she said that she believed in ghost.

I suddenly started to lauh and said that it does not make sense.Evil spirits and ghost donot exist. I told her actually what happened. We cousins were playing in the garden.As it started btto rain,thre was a sudden powercut. We came in and then decided to play hie and seek. One of us started to count and we all started to hide ourselves.I said t her that we were the ones who made that noises.As the rain stopped,the light came an we went back to the garden for playing.Thats the reason she could notsee anyone in the house.I tld her not to believe in such incidents and try to find the logic behind it. She lso started to laugh.

i would like to convey a massage that never ever believe in ghost.

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