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Published: 2020-01-13 23:10:24
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3.1.The weaknesses identifying in Inkwell Ltd are that one person operates the payroll system. Payroll and Personnel Database Clerk does not have enough experience and had only one day training to operate Sage. Employee is responsible for running two payrolls, a monthly payroll for management and salaries staff, and a weekly payroll for hourly paid staff.

Recommendations to avoid errors and potential fraud are to appoint another person to overview and check the work. Another option is to employ second trained person or train one of the current employees to help Payroll and Personnel Database Clerk in duties, as well as replace in case of illness or holidays or to train one of the current employees from another department.

3.2.Companys employees do not comply with the policy. Passwords are not kept secret and had not been changed since they were set-up. Every computer uses the same password. Unauthorised people have access to the computers, which may lead to fraud.

Change the password on each computer and remind everyone to regularly change it, for instance, every six months. In addition, arrange a meeting with the staff and explain the policy with examples what may happen, if the staff does not comply with the policy. Point out that, if the rules continue to be broken, disciplinary actions would be taken.

3.3.Shops, warehouse and administration staff does not have system to sign in and out when arriving and leaving work. All wages paid rely on managers honesty to provide accurate and honest information.

Recommendation is to purchase software, for instance BePunctual Biometric Time and Attendance Tracking Software for Employee. As well as set up a Network where all computers can be connected and data is available to other departments.

3.4.All computers in the company work as stand-alone. There is no network set-up to allow transfer of data, as well as access shared files in case of absence of the member of staff.

Very useful would be to set-up a network connected by one server, when computers would integrate. This would save time on writing e-mails and copying data.

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