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Published: 2020-01-18 09:50:15
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Quote: I realized that the only purpose to revolution is to be able to love who you want, how you want, when you want and where you want¦ Idle student: An ideal student is someone who is thirsty for knowledge. Such a student will not be distracted in class. After all that is what every teacher desires. This thirst for knowledge will ensure that she is attentive and is committed to learn all that she can about a particular subject so that she can understand it fully. An ideal student will also have certain other distinguishing qualities.

She will have well defined goals in life and her effort will be to do whatever it takes to achieve these goals. For instance, if you ask her what she aspires to be, she will have a ready answer. And she will have a good reason for what she aspires to be. She will also have a clear vision of what is necessary to attain her goal. An ideal student will respect her teachers but will not be afraid of them. She will have the courage to admit her ignorance and ask for advice and direction if she needs it.

She will not be the kind of person who accepts things blindly and learns by rote. She will try to grasp concepts and if she finds it difficult, will have the confidence to approach her teachers for more information. She will be active in many things for she understands that one should have a well rounded personality. She will have character more than anything else for it is character that makes a persons destiny. She will compete only with herself and if someone seeks her help in class, will show no hesitation in giving it. An ideal student will observe discipline. She will be punctual and properly dressed.

She will not absent herself from class for silly reasons and will do her homework daily. She will be neat and tidy and observe decorum in class. Children are the wealth of a nation. A Nation that produces a generation of talented and hardworking youth marches ahead on the path of progress. However creating quality citizens is no easy task and cannot be achieved overnight. The first step for that is to produce ideal students in our schools. These ideal students would go on to become ideal citizens. Who is an ideal student.?

There isnt one definite answer to that because there are many qualities that together define an ideal student. The most important quality of an ideal student is that for him. the foremost duty of his school life is to study. He studies regularly and works hard to improve his performance in each exam. But his objective of studying is not to only score good marks or secure a high rank. Beyond that he has a thirst for knowledge , an interest to learn more about everything he observes. Apart from studies, an ideal student actively gets involves in other activities.

He is good in arts and sports and regularly participates in intra and inter school events. He is an active member of various clubs in the school and helps in organizing events. But participating in competitions and winning events is not the only big thing in life, and an ideal student knows that very well. Virtues like kindness, compassion,respect , sincerity, honesty, politeness are equally important in todays world, and these qualities are found in abundance in an ideal student. He treats his parents, teachers and elders with respect, and speaks politely to everybody.

In times of crisis for his friends, he is the first person to stand by them. He never boasts of his achievements and never gets depressed by his failures. He is always cheerful and maintains a positive approach to life. He spreads hope and happiness wherever he goes. In short his conduct is admired by everyone. An ideal student is a voracious reader. He reads the newspaper regularly and is well aware about the events and happenings in various parts of the world.

He also reads magazines, noels and short stories. he has an excellent grasp of the language and is very good at communicating things to others. Last but not the least, an ideal student loves his parents and family members very much and does as much as he can to help them and to keep them happy. He never wastes his parents hard-earned money and believes that knowledge is the biggest wealth he can acquire. An ideal students grows up to be an asset to his family, his society and the country. If only all our schools couls produce more and more ideal students, our country could achieve tremendous progress and become the envy of the whole world..

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