Identification of Country Specific Social Infrastructure Problems Essay

Published: 2019-11-09 10:01:17
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Having a sound understanding on the economic procedures of different nations can greatly help each one of them to combat internal social problems. With the establishment of international organizations to assist poor countries in structuring their societies, it is of utmost importance to provide them with the basic facts of the dilemmas experienced by low-performing economies.

A great deal to support the functional institutions is to assist them in coming up with a credible and non-biased sets of facts about the countries which they intend to assist.  Apparently, there are some cases in which monetary assistances do not actually reach the full potential of social projects due to inevitable factors such as inefficient fund allocation, corruption and unidentified resolution effects. In this aspect, it is very important to have a reliable source of information about the priority problems of each country in terms of social infrastructure building.


The main objective of the research proposal is to come up with a reliable database which will tabulate the economic problems of each underdeveloped economy. These information will be used to support the programs of international funding organizations such as IMF and the World Bank. These databases will incorporate the designation of a single standard outline which will then effectively identify the problems of the states, the key priority acts in resolving them and the estimated enough allocation of funds.


In order to have a database of country profiles, it is necessary to collect data at the lowest parameter of the study-the countries themselves. Primarily, each country has its own varying degrees of social law implementation which addresses the supposedly obvious problems of each economy.

1. Global Identification of Developing/Underdeveloped countries. The list of countries belonging in these segments is available from the United Nations country data profile. This may save the research procedure some time and financial resources since countries will be narrowed down into a specific list.

2. After the gathering of country profiles, the next approach is to retrieve data values from respective government agencies of each country through personal office visits, e-mail transmission or telephone and telefax reception of data. The main facts which will be needed are yearly budget allocation for social welfare programs, population of each country, GDP rates, specific population of women and children, government yearly spending on health care and general infrastructure budget allocation which are all basically used as country performance indicators (Cool Fire Technology, 2004). These values will be tabulated on a computer program for easy filtering and ranking of data values in prioritizing specific country concerns.

3. Upon the retrieval of the designated data, they will then be compared to the instructional references of the World Bank or IMF to identify which of the countries will most likely need to get assistances from the two international organizations. Afterwards, a full recommendation for assistance may be requested from them to highlight the importance of helping the countries based on the specific country profile report gathering.


The procedures involving the retrieval of country specific data may be regarded as the most extensive and most demanding factor in terms of time frame allocation. This procedure is projected to cover at least three to four months. If the latest country data is available from reliable resources, then those data will be used instead of conducting country specific data retrieval and interviews. On the procedures which involve the submission of reports to the funding agencies, the time expected for completion is at least two weeks after the end of country specific database construction.

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