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Published: 2019-11-25 03:31:21
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This prep is exploring the Question: Who am I? If society valued people ONLY economically (i. e. by using money) Which type of people would be the most valuable and why? The type of people that would be the most valuable would be the people with the most skills and knowledge. Doctors and Surgeons would be very valuable, to care and treat all of the sick and injured people. Children with great education and skills would be valuable because you will need new people to tack the roles of scientists and doctors when the old ones retire.

Scientists would also be very valuable, to progress with technology and research. Good teachers would be quite valuable to teach children correctly. Even dustmen would be valuable because without them litter would pile up in the streets. Which type of people would be the least valuable and why? The homeless would not be valuable because society would not benefit from them, they could even be a hindrance because people would have to pay for them and care for them. Popstars would have little value because they dont help society in any good way.

Children with poor education would not be very valuable, because they will have no skills to use in their work when they become adults. All illiterate people would have little value because writing and reading forms a very important part of society, in Britain, today. How would you be valued and why? I would value myself as quite unimportant, seen as I am I child with no medical or scientific skills. I am, though, receiving a very good education and could go on to learn may different skills, or alternatively I could go on to work for the council as a dust bin man.

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