Impact of Celebrity Endorsements on Buying Behavior Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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Gone those days where brands were limited and their tag lines were enough for the publicity, for e.g. Thanda matlab coca- cola this tag line of coca cola helped a lot in terms of profit maximization and brand building.As the time passes a cut throat competition is taking place and every one is trying to put their product superior than their competitors. For this, they have endorsed the celebrity in advertisement to make their product popular as well as unique.

The use of a celebrity in an advertisement is like the bridge between the producer and the consumer. For targeting the customers, they select the celebrity as per their products demand for e.g. life insurance companies for targeting the older customers endorses the celebrity which are more than 60 years and for the soft drinks and juices they endorses young celebrities.(Clemente N. Mark, 2002)

The personality and credibility of an endorser plays a very important role for promoting the product because it directly reflects the products quality and reliability. For e.g. Cement companies always endorses the powerful and strong celebrity like sunny deol , dara singh, amitabh bachan etc. There are many reasons for celebrity endorsement by companies but the most important is that through endorsers high appeal and proper message in the advertisement they are able to segregate their targeted customers easily.(Kulkarni & Gaulkar, 2005)


Celebrity endorsement is the very important and basic tool for the promotion of the product and now a- days it is become a trend for the product marketing and brand building. However, it is easy to select a celebrity but it is very difficult to establish a strong relationship between the product and the endorser. The celebrity can make a better brand image and also helpful for profit maximization.

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