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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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The end of the war of 1812 brought a large amount of pride to the Americans. From then on came about the transportation revolution which brought about many changes. The major shift from an agrarian to an industrial economy introduced various changes not just in politics but at the lives of many americans. The beginning of the market revolution marked the ending of the Federalist presence in the government while introducing a variety of modifications to the jeffersonian-republican party. These economical and political changes gave about notable chances in the status of labor, the class structure ultimately affecting the lives of american families. The market economy introduced many changes to the job industry by giving rise to the industrial worker most notably in new england. The many mills during the early 19th century were composed of women who seeked to better themselves, in part these women had to submit to their boses will when it came to their unstable wages.

Even so the vast amounts of jobs that were left unfulfilled gave rise to immigration from Europe. The introduction to the Irish and German immigrants gave rise to wage jobs from skilled jobs which erupted many notable riots from the residents around New England. The waged workers were regarded as wage slaves by many riots due to them having a job that consumed most of their time as well as because of the unstable wages. These eventually led up to the creation of various workingmen parties. The most notable change that occurred during the 1820s was the rise of the new middle class which included doctors and teachers just to name a few. and the fall of the artisan class. This gave rise to the merchants in the class structure as they were the most benefited from the market revolution. The classes played a very important role during the market revolution. The difference of sexuality affecting wages still persisted. Even so, the rise of education during the second great awakening allowed for better opportunities to become a self made man diminishing the dependence of workers on their bosses.

The most affected thing during the market revolution was perhaps the life of american families. The role of the wife and the children changed to a certain point. The wife was expected to provide emotional and spiritual to the husband and her children and caring this being what the cult of domesticity promoted. The increasing economic gap between the rich and the poor prevented excessive breeding this being due to the economic burden that children were viewed as. This led to the increase of child labor in industrial factories and mills.

The market revolution brought many changes with it these heavily influencing the status of labor, the class structure ultimately impacting american families. The shift from an agrarian republic brought changes such as waged jobs while introducing a great influx of immigrants. The widening gap between the rich and the poor were in its part negative but in its part was positive when it came to education. The life of american families was perhaps the most affected with the introduction of the cult of domesticity and the ideals that reform movements engraved on married women


Status of Labor:
People began to work on a timely schedule
Received hourly wages
Development of industries and factories
Seed drill, reaper, cotton gin, steel plow increased production rates and made work easier

Samuel Slaters American Factory System

Lowell textile Mills
Workforce composed of women
Young unmarried women hired
Mostly from farms
Under the promise of wages ; Unstable Wages
Class structure:
Artisans were going down the social class
Women and children were inferior to men
received lower wages than men
Wealthy merchants were going up the social class
ere heads of industries and factories

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