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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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Technology has given the world a 360 degrees turn, as well as all businesses. Technology has a great impact on our society, culture, businesses and education. This essay will not only prove why it has an impact on small businesses but also prove how it makes technology so much better and efficient. | The Impact Technology has on Businesses The impact that technology can make on a small business is huge. Technology has made the world a more efficient and more organized place to succeed, and can help a small business be a big success and accomplishment.

By making a website for your business, you can help the business expand by selling products through the website, by doing this you expand the business world wide and can increase profit. You can also organize your business in all aspect, simple tasks made in a business such as book keeping and record keeping can make so much simpler by using technology. Technology is not just computers but is phones also, which is an essential for any business to have. With technology small businesses can become world-wide businesses and exceed the main purpose and achievement of the owner.

To begin with, technology has made businesses grow. By using computers to achieve simple task as book keeping can make the job easier and keep all papers organized. Computers can help perform many tasks that offices have to do, like book keeping. Microsoft excel can help you perform this task in one single page without confusions and with less work than by paper. This is because excel can perform calculations for you once you adapt it, it is as simple as that.

You can perform book keeping, record keeping, and perform all kind of calculations fast, understandable and visible in a single page. Now a day, you can have your meetings with business partners who are around the world in front of your computer! You can use Phones which are also a part of technology, and without them you cant make orders for your business, or talk to others business people who can help you make your business grow while making you grow as an owner and entrepreneur also. Productivity can also improve in so many ways by using technology.

Technology is exciting and can make things happen in a blink of an eye, work can be so much easier for employees. For example, now supermarkets have advance machines in order to ring the customers supplies, if an error occurs the employee can easily delete it instead of ringing everything up again. Without the advance technology we have today, the employees would have to put all prices by hand meaning they have to memorize all prices and if an error occurs, they will have to ring everything up again in order for the total to be correct.

Also by having meetings done at that instant online you can save all the time of flying across the world to meet with a business partner, so whatever was in concern can be fixed and finish what you have to do, meaning more progress and productivity. By producing a website for your business can you can help it grow and expand your business to many other countries and produce more profit. By making a website many more people can see what your business bring to the world and have to offer.

While a website is world-wide, your customers are world-wide, meaning more goods and services the business provide will be obtained and sold. If you sell your merchandize through the web you can perform a test and see how many states and countries, would like to have one of your businesses around based on the location wants and needs and construct the business in that specific location. For that fact, that the owner can make the business grow in difference ways, he/she can grow as an entrepreneur also.

Finally with technology, you can produce more profit. By using technology in several ways you can increase the income of the business. Obviously, if you can produce and sell more not only in your location of business but in the web and around the world in which you will expand your business to, you will sell and increase profit. The entrepreneurs income will increase and his success will exceed what was thought to be achieved. Anyone can be an entrepreneur but only the ones who force themselves to do better, can achieve excellence.

I think that to install various businesses is not what makes an entrepreneur is how you keep those business stabilize and running is what makes a great entrepreneur. Technology doesnt have to be imported into the business, business can be technology. There are many businesses in which technology is the main purpose, some businesses produce and sell technology, all kinds and types of it. From computers to printers to phones, not only phones but smart phones and templates which can be made into computers, mp3 and iPod.

These are gadgets that are nothing without technology; technology is what brings all these gadgets to live. Some businesses cannot produce without technology if you think of it. For example, supermarkets, when you go pay at the registers, most supermarkets are now complete made of technology, the weigh in order to know the prices of fruits and vegetables are connected to the computer which transfer the weight and gives you a price, the screen you look at to keep in check the prices, thats connected to the same monitor and it all combines to the register.

When you are ready to pay and its with your credit card, you pass it through a machine which is connected to all and the internet to get an approval. This all needs technology to function. Matthew Hohn said Together with the advancement of science and technology, technological innovations grew along with it, resulting to the emergence of new equipment and gadgets. No matter how big or small your company is, technology brings both intangible and tangible benefits to become cost efficient and to meet the growing demands and needs of customers in the article.

I agree with him in every aspect, technology has advance the way to look into our world and experiences, and by connecting businesses with technology and the way it can change the whole business completely is incredible. Its truly amazing how technology has changed our world in many different ways and completely. In conclusion, technology has gave business the chance to expand and grow in many ways, by increasing profit, increasing chances of making a being a better one and achieving all the success it thought it will.

With technology small businesses can become a world-wide business which will exceed achievement. By becoming world-wide the business will exceed the main purpose and achievement of the owner. Technology can go a really long way especially when its combined with business and greatness.

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