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Published: 2020-02-16 19:31:17
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Imperialism Is the policy of extending a nations authority by territorial acqulsltlon or by the establishment of economic and political predominance over other nations (Dictionary. com). The two main categories into which the effects ot imperialism on India can be sorted into are, positive and negative. The positive effects of imperialism on India outweigh the negatives, but there are negatives nevertheless such as exclusion from the government. Britain brought western morality and innovation, which it lacked, this Improved Indian society. This morality and innovation rooted in nd then flourished Into much more after the British left.

The Imperialism of India had numerous negative effects many of which ere apparent today. To start off The Government of India was run not by Indians, but by British. The Indians held positions, but none Important enough to have any Influence. This affected them because atter the British lett they took their government and their gains with them, and thus they never learned how to govern effectively and thus the people didnt take part in Government. (l) On top of that Britain industrialized India, but in the process destroyed many trades. This supplied India with jobs, but its urpose was to use India to supply Britain with raw materials.

The negative effect of Industrialization of India Is that once the British left the demand for their raw materials fell, and thus destroyed the Industry. (5) With no jobs/trades for Indians to take up India fell Into unemployment and separated the poor and the rich drastically, a separation that still continues to this day. Even though the imperialism ot India had negative effects the aftermath ot imperialism left behind many positive effects that when reaped helped Indian society flourish. To start off before the British came it can be said that the Indians were not ery moral or civilized, due to things such as infanticide and widow burning.

Infanticide is when the female babies are killed. Also the slave trade came toa halt. (3) Then when the British arrived In India the practices of Infanticide and widow burning were quickly stopped end eventually so was slavery. Another great contribution of Britain to India Is an Infrastructure which was most likely built by Indians but overseen by Brltlsh engineers(4) The Infrastructure provided a connection between all the people and united them, and infrastructure would also facilitate trade within India and to the borders to trade with other countries.

These contributions were good but undoubtedly one of the most important positive effects of imperialism on India was education. Some of the main aspects of education that helped shape India were the English language, the sciences, and technology. (2)The most Important of these three could arguably be the English language, because while other countries dre trying to learn English many Indians already know the English language and are then able to trade and establish commerce with the majority of the world since English Is rapidly becoming a common language for business.

The ciences and technology were also important because modern India is based around technology and science. imperialism of India it could be reasonably argued that India benefitted more in than Britain in the long run. In the end after Britain left India it did not take much with it that it didnt already have, it might have acquired some influenced and some monetary gain but nothing worthy of praise. On the other hand Imperialism set a basis for Indian society, it gave India an infrastructure, modern morals, but most importantly it gave India an education. This education helped India flourish and become the advancing nation that it is today.

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