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The code is designed in a manner that involves all the stakeholders and ensures that all members of the organization are collectively responsible for the strategies adopted by the organization and are fully accountable for the success and failure of the plans implemented as a result of their view and ideas. The code is so stringent and affects all the aspect of the organization and therefore all the members must be willing and display the self drive needed to implement the plan.

The management structure and the implementation mechanism adopted in strategic planning are all important to the plan. The plan requires a good communication infrastructure and mechanism in that the modes of communication and the strategies adopted by the organization should be such that they optimally use the available resources in the best possible way. The organization should therefore employ the use of various tools and media of communications and employ both formal and informal modes of communication to ensure that their employees not only learn the code but also accept it by heart.

Resource intensity best describes the implementation of the code. The code is based on factual decision making and there is therefore a considerable amount of organizational time that is directed to research activities. Furthermore, financial resources are directed to funding the researchers by providing the tools, manpower and aiding the techniques that will be used in the collection and analysis of data.

The organization should thus ensure that its operation are efficient and sensitive on time usage, moreover, self assessment with the aim of determination of the resource availability should be done in a continuous cycle. The assessment could also lead to the implementation and adoption of strategic directions that are aimed at acquiring more funds by either increasing productivity or attracting investors. The organizational culture which defines the nature of the interaction between its members plays an important part in the implementation of this code.

The culture should encourage communication and consultation between its members. A research culture is very important to the implementation of the code, the members of the organization should be appreciative of research and be aware of the benefits research has on their daily activities and to the organization. To ensure the culture is well addressed by the implementation of the code, the organization should take step to put in place measures that will ensure the free communication and interaction between the top and the junior staff.

Furthermore, the organization should engage in training aimed at instilling the benefits and the needs of the principles used by the code on the workers and the organization fraternity. Possible Problems ? Research: The approach is quite intensive in research and therefore failure of the research teams or departments in fulfilling their obligation by providing the organization with accurate facts and data on which they can base their strategies will have a negative bearing on the organization for some time as the planning and implementation processes are quite intensive and procedural.

Bias in the research and other inaccuracies that form the basis of research could also lead to the failure of the code as the basis of factual strategic planning. ? Resources: Availability and the ease of acquirement of financial resources can also have an impact on the code. The availability of external lending depends on factors that are not within the organizations control, therefore the organization is forced to depend on indeterminate factors especially if it does not have a resource base that can sustain the implementation of the code; a situation that is very scary for any organization.

Organizational Culture: A culture that is repressive and discouraging of communication between members of the organization will not only hinder the development and adoption of the code but will also ensure its failure. The organizational culture is thus deterministic to the success of the code in meeting its objectives and ensuring the development of the organization and its stability. Possible Reaction and Effects

Depending on the current or existing code adopted by the organization, the employees may either show appreciation to this new approach or reject some of its principles and methodology (Argyris, 1999). The acceptance or adoption of the code also depends on the approach used in its formulation and implementation. The effect of the codes may include reduced complaints from the customers due to increased satisfaction, increased productivity due to better relationships between the employees and the development of a more integral culture (Shaw, 2004).

There could also be negative effects due to poor handling of the formulation and implementation phases (Shaw, 2004). The negative results could be conflict with the existing culture which could lead to decline in productivity, which results in reduced customer satisfaction, non-implementation of the plan and a general downfall of the organization (Shaw, 2004). Conclusion The net effect of the code and system of inquiry can therefore not be pointed out clearly as it depends on several factors that cannot be determined.

The nature of the organization especially its organizational culture and resource base play central role to the success of the system of inquiry (Shaw, 2004).

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