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Published: 2020-02-11 13:22:17
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Postmodernism can be referred to as an aesthetic, political, literary or social philosophy, which lays a foundation with an attempt to explain a state or condition of something which is concerned with changes in the worldly institutions and conditions. Postmodernism over time has emerged as a field of academic study in various disciplines such as sociology, communications, music, literature, architecture, fashion, technology e. t. c. It is much revealed well on looking into modernism.

Therefore postmodern can be seen to be a period before the invention of the modern technology e. g. the use of computers, radios, mobile phones, televisions and internet services. Thus it follows most of the modernism ideas as it is the one that born up the modernism through acceptance of flexibility and self consciousness, discontinuity and fragmentation, simultaneity, and great emphasizes on destructured and dehumanized subject. Implications of Postmodernism in Real World

In many cases postmodernism does not lament the ideas of fragmentation, incoherence and provisionality and by so it views the world being meaningless and thus it influences this thought to individuals especially the learners and this finally leads to disrespect of the world e. g. through destruction and misuse in various ways. Postmodernism contains cultural formations which usually accompany major important life stages such as capitalism. These stages allow usage of variety of practices which postmodernism dictates upon the type of procedures to be followed.

For instance it follows market capitalism, this is associated with technological developments like steam engines, the monopoly capitalism, which is associated with improved technology e. g. use of electric and internal combustion engines. Finally it incorporates the multinational or consumer capitalism which is associated with electronic and nuclear technologies and in addition to these this stage also majors on marketing, selling and consumption of commodities.

Postmodernism does not produce originals only that it does the copying therefore in it there is no that original value, therefore it just creates a virtual reality which is a result of simulation. In addition postmodernism is mostly concerned with questions of organizational knowledge, but this knowledge is usually narrative as contrasted to science of the modernism.

Therefore this knowledge is limited, primitive and irrational because it is only stores and Lesley distributed. Therefore postmodernism can be viewed the established dichotomies that separates the production processes from consumption processes, leisure from work , economies from cultures, socially gendered categories and biological categories,symbolic from functions ,domestic from global realness e. t. c .

In this description thus it shows that the prediction of earlier social orders of various cultural experiences is in these dichotomies which has led to witnessing of the major fundamental societal changes.


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