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Published: 2020-02-14 20:22:47
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My Name is Iqbal Khaleqi, Im in year 11 of Brentside high school and for my PEP (Personal Exercise Program) I will be looking at how to improve myself in Football. Strengths: One of my main strengths in football is my accuracy; I am able to pass the ball to other team members quickly and easily. I am also good in defence position because I can keep the opposition from getting too close to the goal. I also have great passion for the game so mentally my motivation and my determination are quite high.

Weakness: I believe my weaknesses are firstly having bad muscular endurance and muscular strength as towards the end of an average football match my legs start to get tired from repeatedly kicking and passing the ball around which leads to affect my overall performance. I also find that my shots end up having less power in, near the end of the match. So I will be defiantly looking to improve my stamina, my concentration and agility.

Targets: I will be looking to improve all aspects of my game but my main target and focus will be to improve my stamina (cardiovascular fitness) because in game of football you need to be able to last a good ninety minutes without becoming too tired. I would do this because I believe I can keep my pace and be on point and alert for any sudden tactical manoeuvres. This will help my overall performance in football as it is more likely to keep the opposition stickers of the ball and to be able to operate jointly with other colleagues throughout the match. Expectations: Over the duration of the PEP I want to see an improvement in all of my tasks. I believe stamina can help my football a lot because when youre at your fittest, your concentration is higher and your work rate and determination are much higher all the way through the end of the match.

Evaluation: Before I do any task in my PEP I will firstly measure my heart rate for about 15 seconds and time its by 4 to get my BPM (beats per minute), The PEP that I will do in my p.e classes will be based on improving my stamina and my muscular endurance by undertaking either a bleep test or doing the circuit training. After the bleep test or my circuit training I would measure my heart rate again to find out my bpm after exercise.

The Warm Up A warm up is vital to the body as it prepares the muscles to work for a long periods of time. This includes stretching, jogging and related activities to the main session. A warm-up will improve the effectiveness of training and should be done before every training session. This is fundamental to a safe practice. An effective warm up also has the effect of increasing both your heart rate and your respiratory rate. This increases blood flow, which in turn increases the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the working muscles. All this helps to prepare the muscles, tendons and joints for more strenuous activity.

A warm up is preformed for preparation for a match or training; normally warm ups last 5 to 10 minutes it is designed to increase our body temperature. Reasons for Warming up: 1) Body temperature rises when we warm up making our muscles and tendons easier to stretch. 2) Opens capillaries to muscles. 3) We reduce the risk of injury by warming up because we increasing the amount of work our muscle and tendons are doing. 4) Helps us make it easier to prepare physically and mentally with the pressures of training or a match. 5) Increases synovial fluid in the joints. A warm up should focus on stretching most part of the body for the sport we are undertaking e.g. if youre doing football you should be stretching your muscles from waist down because you will be using those muscle in the game mostly.

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