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Published: 2020-02-21 15:12:14
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Every day, Monday-Friday Royal Mail delivers between 11am to 1pm. I sort the incoming mail into the pigeon holes every day, each pigeon hole is named by department or assistant. How you identify and deal with junk mail or damaged items

Most incoming mail has a building address, client name or department on it. Some Junk mail might have a client/staff name thats no longer working in the building, so we put it in the confidential recycling bin. We deal with damage items by, contact the company by telephone or emailing. We can now return the damage item to the company, in exchange for new item or refund. If the damage item is for a client, we ask them to contact the supplier for solution. How you identify and deal with suspicious items

Any foreign packages with on unusual smell/colour or powder, I report to my manager or supervisor immediately. How you distribute incoming mail or packages efficiently and quickly We sort out incoming mails as soon as they arrive, putting individual letter in the pigeon holes. We take out letters in each pigeon hole and rubber band it.

Write names (of client or assistance) on the mail bundle so that it can be easy to distributed and identify. How you collect, sort and prioritise outgoing mail before it is sent Every 2 to 3hours, we go to every floor to collect internal and external mail, and take them to the post room. This is where we sort the internal and external mail. Some external mail is already stamped, so we separate it from the mail need franking. We mostly stamp all letters 1st class, charity post goes 2nd class. Staff/client sometimes specify the urgency/importance of the mail, what service they require (special delivery & recorded delivery). How to identify the best method for despatching a particular item of mail All letters that hasnt got a stamp is weight on a scale, which is connected to a franking machine and it tell us the amount it cost. We also have a size guide, which we use to determine what type of letter it is( letter, large letter, small letter and a package).

How to agree a cost for despatching mail Using the weight scale that is connected to the franking machine and it tells us much it cost. How to arrange courier services to collect outgoing mail We have two types courier, which are (DHL and ASS). We have online account with the company, to arrange a courier service we book it online by filling all the necessary details. We print out two copies if the airway bill, one receipt goes with the package and the we keep the other for our records. How to prepare items for urgent or special delivery

We would collect them item for special delivery, frank it and log it in the special book with the correct labels. This is then place in the special delivery pouch. For very urgent mail we can use our courier service DHL or AAS (as explained above). The items would then be collected around 5pm

How to calculate what the correct postage costs will be for particular items of mail (e.g. how you use your organisations franking machine etc.) Using the weight scale that is connected to the franking machine and it tells us much the parcel/letter costs. I can also use the franking price guide which has all the prices & weight listed (airmail, special delivery, recorded delivery, 1st, 2nd class). How you keep a record of the cost of mail that has been despatched All record of despatched mail is stored in the franking machine which we have access to, by pressing the funds button and we can see how much has been spent. How you despatch mail within the agreed deadlines.

By despatching it as soon as the mail is ready or using next day delivery service. What problems you have encountered with incoming and outgoing mail and how you have resolved or reported these. Miss spelt name on incoming parcel, use the first name or surname with our company phone list to find the right person. I can then notify them of their delivery. No names on the mails- no name but the address is right

Incorrectly addressed incoming mail- sends it back by putting it in the post box (return to sender) Post code not right- check the address online to match company name with correct postcode. Payment needed to receive a mail- contact the owner and tell them, theres a delivery that needs to be paid for.

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