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Published: 2019-10-10 05:14:24
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During this phase of my life that is the university life where everyone seems to be in a rush to complete the tasks and meet some deadlines, I face the problem of optimizing my time utilization and concentrating on required task. This has been a serious issue because I have time to allocate for each task but I waste a lot of time doing useless activities during that time which stops me from achieving the desired results. For instance I know I have a quiz the next day.

The perfect preparation would be going through the lecture slides, lecture notes and doing all available practice questions. Instead of starting in the morning I would rather waste my time here and there and then start studying at night which would only leave me with time that is sufficient to do any one or two of the three excercises. Furthermore even when I am doing that task its really hard to concentrate on it instead my mind swirls from the actual task. A practical example is during namaz when I think of every other thing except namaz itself.

I would really want to overcome this problem as I think it would help me improve as a person and would have some significant changes on my character. Hence, this is that one tangible change that I wish to bring in my life following this course of Personal effectiveness. The first step would be to meditate for around 20 minutes every day. This would really help me concentrate on whatever I want to do. This is a really helpful activity as I have tried this for 2 weeks on the insistence of one of my friends.

Unexpectedly, this has really worked for my prayers and he has assured me that it would help me in all required aspects. I know people who do more work in a much less time as compared to people who spend hours on a work and still fail to achieve the best. This practice of meditation might help me overcome this problem and improve my efficiency. Another step would be to make to-do lists as it would be very effective in keeping me on time for targets and to meet deadlines. At present I dont usually make any such notes as I think I have a good memory and I can retain all these details in my mind.

However, after this course and listening to what the panel guests had to say about their habits I consider this as a really vital tool to amend the flaws of not allocating proper time to each task. The guests that were invited to the class were all personally effective people and each of them emphasized on the importance of planning out your work. I never rated this as something that would help me improve in time allocation but I think after listening to them and doing some readings on it has convinced me to at least give it a try.

Thirdly, setting up small deadlines and practicing some activities which seem very childish but are rather effective like while studying me and my roommate can say that whoever uses his phone for the next one hour, or talks anything irrelevant would pay a fine to the other person. Such activities would initially require a pre-meditated effort not to talk or get distracted but slowly and gradually with time this would turn into a habit. This could help me concentrate just on the task instead of everything else.

Overall, I think if all these practices are incorporated along with a few more it could really help me improve over this problem and its effects would be quite prominent. Hence, it could be a step towards becoming personally effective. All these activities are quite practical and can be done on regular basis without any excuse. I think if the outcome of these steps is positive then it would really help me do a lot of things in life which would not have been possible otherwise.

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