Indolence of the Filipino People Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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As what I read, Rizal described the people in the tropical and non-tropical countries. In tropical areas, the people there do not work a lot when its hot especially at noon time. It is because they have to rest because of the suns heat. For instance, we students, whenever the air or the weather is some warm, the tendency for this thing is we want to sleep. On the other hand, countries have four seasons have to work much during spring and fall. It is because they cannot easily work on summer (because of excessive heat) and on winter. Thus, the total work all in all is almost the same! We as human being must adopt to our environment whatever its conditions. Therefore, being indolent (as they say) during hot conditions is reasonable.

I can prove without the text in the book that Filipinos in those days (Spaniards and pre-colonial period) were NOT indolent. This can be verified through Banaues Rice Terraces, Filipinos at the dawn (before the sunrise) are ready to start planting and keeping their vegetables and harvests. At the coming of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, he noticed the people have enough supply of food, very generous, energetic and industrious.

When the Spaniards came to our lands, they burned many houses, eradicated some goods and resources, killed many Filipinos, and stop our economic and commercial cycle. They controlled almost all farms and villages. Many areas were become unpopulated. Almost two thirds of the populations were declined. Many boys especially the teenagers were asked to do the Polo y Servicios. Farms were left uncultivated and encomienda was implemented. Only the friars and Spanish officials could benefit- from high taxes to church offerings. To be able to start a business and work, the permissions from the administrators was required, and not all were granted. For that, many Filipinos gave up their work, lands, and even their life.

They viewed their life hopeless and they thought themselves as inferiors. Gambling grown up because all of their sacrifices and works were not enough. They trusted fortune to make their status quite good. Some of these are sabongs or cock fighting and even today exists! Another obnoxious is the friars told the people: THE RICH MAN WILL NOT GO TO HEAVEN. What kind of deception is that! They corrupted and controlled the minds of the innocent people. Also, aside from this, education for all was not granted. The reforms, programs the government should take in to action were only a dream. How bad or worst are these!!!

Today, the indolence and hopeless mentality stays toward the masses. Many corrupt officials, unsettled reforms, poverty, misdistribution of money and taxes, poor tenancy, illiteracy, slow progress, etc. are still there! HISTORY TRULY REPEATS ITSELF. Thats the importance of education and studying or past. IF THESE TRAITS AND SYSTEM CONTINUE, THEN AS HISTORY SAYS, WE WIL SUFFER AGAIN AND AGAIN!!!

Education and complete analysis of this facts is very important, not only this days, but also to the next generation.

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