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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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A. Attention: When planning a BBQ, how many of you have beer somewhere on your shopping list? B. Relate: Beer, is the most widely consumed alcoholic beverage, and there is no doubt that its one of the most beloved of all mans discoveries. C. Credibility: I enjoy drinking beer, therefore researched the topic. D. Preview: Brief history of beer, key ingredients in the brewing process, what happens to your body when you drink.


1. History: Beer is as old as civilization itself.

A. Ancient history
1. Ancient Sumerians; 4300 BC
2. Valued over money
3. (Ancient Encyclopedia of History) Bad batch = drowning B. FF to later history
1. 1200 AD; commercially established Germany, Austria, England 2. (Yuengling website) 1829 Yuengling founded; Americas oldest brewery 3. 1933, beer prohibition ends.
B. Today
1. (Brewers Association) 1,900 breweries in 2011
2. Revenue of $196 billion
3. ( 67 billion cans consumed; reach moon 20 times
So, now that you have a brief history on beer, I will discuss the key ingredients in the brewing process.

2. Key Ingredients: Malted Barley, Hops & Yeast all play a major role in the brewing process.

A. Malted Barley
1. Basic grain; cereal, bread, baked goods
2. Mashed into oatmeal-consistency
3. Sugar rich Wort drained off
B. Hops
1. Boiled with Wort
2. Varieties add flavors, aromas
3. Different times, creates different beers
C. Yeast
1. Added to mixture; cools & ferments
2. Yeast converts sugars to ethanol & CO2
3. Ethanol = drunk, CO2 = bubbles.

Now that you know the basics of brewing, we will learn what happens to your body after drinking beer.

3. Intoxication: Human body can break down approx. 1 beer per hour depending on the strength of the beer.

A. Stomach
1. Alcohol absorbed by stomach & small intestine
2. Enters bloodstream
3. Travels to the brain
B. Brain
1. Cerebral cortex; decision making & emotions
2 Cerebellum; balance & coordination
3. Medulla; involuntary = breathing, temperature
C. Hangover (
1. Ethanol diuretic; pee more = dehydrated headaches, fatigue 2. Alcohol; stomach lining = nausea
3. Impurities; byproducts of fermentation.


A. Signal ending: To recap . . .
B. Review: Beer has a rich history, key ingredients are added in, drinking too much leads to intoxication. C. Ending: To quote Homer Simpson, Heres to Beer, the cause & solution to all of lifes problems.

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