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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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The Kennedy Law Firm, PLLC, serves the north-central part of Tennessee and south-central part of Kentucky, with offices in Clarksville, Tennessee. The firm was established on Christian principles, focusing on helping individuals through their greatest times of need, in 1984. The firm handles a wide array of types of cases, including personal injury, criminal defense, bankruptcy, divorce, and custody matters in state, federal, and military courts. Kevin C. Kennedy is its founding member and managing partner, yet still practices and is still active in the firms operations. There are three office locations across the city; with a main office by the county courthouse, another office close to Fort Campbells gates, and the last location provides a location closer to individuals on the northeastern part of town.


The Kennedy Law Firms main mission is to be that rock in times of trouble by providing quality legal advice and support to people going through divorce, an arrest, injury or bankruptcy (Google+, 2015). The firm seeks to provide its services based on Christian ideals, which the founding partner pursues by actively participating in numerous community events. The office by Fort Campbell is even being used by a church for services and other meetings. Mr. Kennedy does not hide his commitment to God, and he boldly proclaims his views in advertising and other interactions.

The firm meets this mission by opening at 7:00 AM Monday through Friday, staying open until 6:00 PM Monday through Thursday, and being open on Saturdays from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. There is not one other firm in the Clarksville area that has hours which are as accommodating to their customer base. Mr. Kennedy even encourages his attorneys to schedule appointments outside of those hours, should it be something that the customer needs to get the legal service desired.


The Kennedy Law Firms external customer base is made up of individuals from all walks of life, from rich to poor, Christian to non-believer, and any and all race or ethnicity. Virtually anyone may fall victim to the perils of a legal battle, so the firms customers cannot be classified as falling within any particular type or category. Internally, the firms customers are made up of the attorneys. The paralegals, assistants, and other support staff must ensure that the work they are doing meets the needs and wants of the attorneys. Furthermore, the attorneys must work hard to meet the high standards for a Christian organization, as set by the managing partner.


As an attorney for the firm, I provide legal services for the customers that walk through the door. More specifically, I am one of only a couple of attorneys that have committed to remain in the office until 6:00 PM to ensure that an attorney is available when the office is open. Furthermore, I provide greater payment flexibility to clients so that they might actually be able to afford quality legal representation without taking on an insurmountable debt. Even though as a young attorney with a growing client base I do not make an income which many may attribute to attorneys when they think of them, I still attempt to take on pro bono work to help those individuals that cannot even afford the flexible payment arrangements which we try to establish.

My previous work for Westlaw, a legal research provider, has also made me invaluable to the firm. I have helped other attorneys and paralegals in the firm with posing research queries and setting up their accounts to get the most from the system with the least amount of effort. I was able to increase the efficiency of research efforts for practically every individual within the firm. This means that the services we provide can be done at less cost, a saving which can be passed on to clients in an effort to make justice more accessible for all.

Biblical Integration

Christianity plays a huge role in this firm, and it was one of the major factors which drew me to seeking employment with the firm. Not only does the firm unashamedly advertise its Christian ideals and roots, the atmosphere in the office shows the same strong embrace of such ideals. Employees are free to discuss their religious viewpoints with one another, which only further solidifies the family-like environment which permeates the firm. Every meeting is closed with a prayer, and every morning a Bible study session is offered in the conference room for those employees wanting and able to attend.

The Kennedy Law Firm, PLLC. Google+ profile page. Retrieved on January 25, 2015, from

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