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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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1: Introduction In the field of architecture, the major function of an interior architecture is to ensure the beautification of an interior aspect of the building. Typically, the interior design is a branch of architecture that specialises in the beautification of the interior part of the building, and the interior designer employs creative and technical solution to design and accomplish interior part of the building. Typically, the interior design involves harmonisation of colour, lightening, texture and scale of the building.

Many organizations have realised that not only the external part of the building provides the image of the organization, the interior parts of the building also provides the picture of what the general public think about an organization. Thus, the creativity and the quality of the interior part of the building provide the great satisfactions to the occupants. Thus, the functions of interior designer are highly challenging, and the interior design has provided the immense contributions to the beautification of human environment. Encyclop? dia Britannica. 2009, Disciplinary definition essay).

Despite the immense contribution of the interior designer, literatures have not made wide contributions on form and function of interior design. The reason is that the field of interior architecture is still developing. Although, the interior design has evolved for ages, however it is in recent decades that the field of interior design has started gaining recognition because of the challenges facing modern businesses to enhance customers satisfactions.

While many literatures have focused on the architectural design as a whole which involve mostly external design of a building. There are only scanty literatures focusing on the interior architecture. To fill the gap on the paucity of literatures on the form and function of interior architecture, this paper attempts to fill the gap by examining the form and function of interior architecture. 1. 1: Form and function of interior architecture This paper employs the concepts of interior architecture and interior design to connote the same meaning.

While the concept of interior architecture is employed in Anglo/Saxon countries. The countries in North American employ the concept of interior design. For example, University of California asserted that Interior Design and Interior Architecture combine the creative, the aesthetic, the innovative, and the practical to create the important stages upon which people live their lives. (p 2). National Center For Education Statistics (2009) defines interior design as a program in the applied visual arts that prepares individuals to apply artistic principles and echniques to the professional planning, designing, equipping, and furnishing residential and commercial interior spaces.

Includes instruction in computer applications drafting and graphic techniques; principles of interior lighting, acoustics, systems integration, and color coordination; furniture and furnishings; textiles and their finishing; the history of interior design and period styles; basic structural design; building codes and inspection regulations; and applications to office, hotel, factory, restaurant and housing design. (p 2).

From this definition, it is revealed that the interior design combines several creativities and technical solutions to accomplish interior design of a building. The combination of several disciplines also enhances their field of interior design in creating safety and aesthetics for the interior building. Typically, many people are attracted to interior design because of the beauty created by the interior part of a building. The refurbishment, and magnificent outlet created from the decoration of interior part of the building has enhanced the growing recognition of interior design.

Thus, with combination of multifaceted disciplines that interior design has employed, the profession of interior design has become increasingly challenging where it incorporates other disciplines such as architecture, environmental psychology, traditional design, and product design. (Disciplinary definition essay). Meanwhile, the significant training provided for the interior design specialists has contributed to the enhancement of skills of the interior designers, which has aided them to direct the interior designing plan of a building in order to achieve to achieve remarkable results.

The training of interior design involves achieving post secondary education as well as acquiring Bachelor degree. To achieve high level of professionalism in their work, the interior design combines different colors, lighting, texture, furniture and space to meets the needs and satisfaction of a building occupant. Meanwhile, interior design specializes in two parts. The design of interior part of residential building, while other aspect of interior design focuses on the interior design of non-residential building.

Essentially, many interior designers who focus on the designing the interior decoration of non-residential building have specialized in providing interior design service to shopping mails, hotels, schools, theatres, hospitals, and to almost other non-residential buildings. Typically, many businesses have realized that excellent interior design boost market values as well as productivity. Business organizations are increasingly involved in interior architectural design such as window coverings, floor, lighting and built-in bookshelves.

It should be noted that beautiful offices attract the organizational comparative advantages and increase the level of confidence customers have on businesses. (Bureau of Labour Statistics, 2009, Hildebrandt,2004 ). In addition, with increase in the advancement of technology, the planning and designing of a modern building are becoming complex, thus, it is becoming impossible for a single architect to specialize in the architectural design of a building as well as specializing in the interior design of a building.

Thus, some group of professionals has evolved in specializing in designing the interior part of a building. Typically, the development of Information Technology has also led to the necessity whereby modern businesses employed modern equipments such as fax machine, computer and internet, and this modern technology has influence the practice of interior design. To enhance the beautification of an interior building, the interior design collaborates with other professionals such as building contractors, electricians, architect in order to meet the requirements of a building.

To aid their interior designing process as well as achieving latest designing techniques, the interior design often employs computer-aided design (CAD) and the knowledge of basic engineering and architecture in order to achieve designing skills and acquire the knowledge of building safety codes. Typically, the educational trainings that interior designer has gone through prepare them to apply architectural principles, business knowledge as well as the knowledge of structural systems design to apply the intrinsic values to the transformation and designing of the interior aspect of built environment.

Essentially, an interior designer needs to be creative, and be able to visually communicate his ideas. An interior designer must be versatile and must be able to change with trends in order to create interior designing model for the satisfaction of his client. Thus, the interior designer must be self discipline with the ability to meet the project deadline with allotted budget. Sometimes, there are interior designers who often employ Ergonomic design in their designing profession.

Ergonomic design may involve making interior design for the purpose of elders or disable. Thus, the interior designer often creates and plans an interior of a building in order to suit the purpose of elders and disables. Moreover, with increase in the publicity about the reduction of green house gases, the interior designers often involves in green design. The green design involves special selection of furniture, and other materials used in designing the interior part of the building.

The objective of green design is to ensure that all the materials used for interior design are free of chemicals and hypoallergenic materials in order to achieve sustainable design. . (Bureau of Labour Statistics, 2009). 2: Conclusion This paper provides the form and function of interior design. The paper reveals that the interior design is becoming sophisticated with increase in demand for modern business offices. The interior design uses the combination of colors, lighting, and texture to achieve the satisfactions of their clients.

Typically, the increase in the taste of the people for modern interior design has also contributed to increase in the recognition of interior design. Essentially, the paper shows that the many businesses also engage the services of interior designer because of the increase in the advancement of modern technology where many business organizations have employed the latest modern offices equipments such as fax machines, internet, and VoIP machines and so on.

Thus, the service of interior designer has greatly increased because business organizations belief that beautiful offices achieve market values. Meanwhile, to enhance the professionalism of interior designers, the discipline of interior design combines several disciplines to achieve the designing skills. Based on the integration of methodology such as research, and knowledge creativity, the interior designers have been able to satisfy the needs of the clients with high level of project accomplishment.

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