International Effects of International Trade Essay

Published: 2020-02-18 04:20:25
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International trade is the exchange of capital, goods, and services across international borders or territories. Trading aides the country in multiple ways; providing lower cost to a consumer, better healthcare, technology and even education. But there are also negative effects of trading. Some if asked fell that international trading is a necessary evil. It helps economies grow and can increase the welfare of society. However there should be a tighter restriction on what is to be traded and exactly how much should be traded.

People as consumers be fully aware of the products they purchase encourage that country with their practices a mindset it is often overlooked. People who work for the industries trade such as dock workers, truckers, and ships crew are at even higher risk. The matter produced by burning diesel oil has been linked with lung cancer, asthma, chronic bronchitis coronary heart disease and much more. Long Beach and Los Angeles ports suffers 25 new cases of cancer each year because of the diesel pollution from ships, trucks and dock equipment. There was a relation between people living near railroads and rail yards.

Communities within 20 mile radius around sea ports are dying from exposure to air pollutants to 75 new cases a year. Most of the imports that enter the United States come through Los Angeles and Long Beach California. Combined the two ports make the third largest container-handling facility in the world. They receive about 40% of imports that enter the country. Trade through the two California ports is expected to triple within 15 years. Most of our imports have the label made in Asia or more specifically Hong Kong, China, Korea and Taiwan.

Research has shown that the average salary of workers supplying the goods have an average monthly salary of 204. 20. The monthly salary was based of minimum wage for a 19-year old worker. Women and children are known for being forced to work for lesser to no money at all. Even though there are laws in place in many countries there is an estimate of 5 million children who are working in factories that supply our country with goods. In 1994 about 48 Chinese brick-shop-workers kidnapped over 100 children. By continuing to purchase goods we are unconsciously supporting that countrys process.

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