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Published: 2020-01-15 15:02:32
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Knowledge is the true organ of sight, not the eyes. Keeping this saying in mind, I Jaida, consider it an opportunity to express my intention of learning Business Administration- a subject that has thoroughly captivated my attention and curiosity, in the University. If you would ask me who Jaida is, I would say she is person who is happy to be alive, joyous, outgoing, loving and lovable. I have two elder brothers and love them immensely. I live in the city and do love the city life filled with noise, buildings and music.

Simultaneously, I enjoy the quiet and calmness of nature/greenery. With a diversity within myself- my afraid of the darkness, my mood shifts and my unpredictability sometimes leave a question on my toughness which by far is accepted by me and I thus love my unpredictability and my contradictions. My winning the junior 1st Prize in the well renowned INJAZ Al-Arab competition as the Young Entrepreneur of the Year on a national level and making it to the regional competition in Morocco ignited my interest in the field of Business Administration. Since then there has been no turning back.

Being self-motivated and self-driven with an intrinsic need to achieve a well-rounded education, I have surpassed my expectations. I have participated three years in a row in the Middle School and Junior Mathematics competitions and have outlived the competitive selection processes in the International Schools Mathematics Teachers Foundation (ISMTF). Being successful in maintaining a nearly perfect scholastic record, I was not only elected as a student council for five consecutive years (one year serving as the Treasurer), but was nominated this year as the Head Girl with majority of votes from the Senior Management Team.

This nomination has been one of the most enriching experiences in my life as is has taught me the meaning of being a leader and has thus managed to make me a role model to the whole school, proving the fact that leaders are not born but made with experiences. Apart from this, I have been bestowed with various awards. Achieving the International Youth Award (IYA) at Gold Level was one of my proud moments. The hiking in the Grand Massif des Bagues, France (2010) for 9 days without much contact with the teachers/supervisors during the day was another learning experience for me.

Camping in groups and climbing a total of 2km uphill in 2 and a half days, was physically very challenging, but a pursuer that I am, I never gave up. Playing the piano, since I was five is another important part of my identity that adds to my diversity. University therefore is my next milestone. I perceive that the setting in the University would help me identity various undiscovered potentials in me. I also have full confidence that my studying in the University would help me discover-with a greater specificity various disciplines; my contributions would positively impact others.

With these experiences, life has taught me various lessons and the most important one was the lesson of coping with emotional damage and supporting the family at the time of loss. I lost my father last year. My father, who had never faced the need of any medical support, was diagnosed with lung cancer and after acute suffering passed away three months later. His death shook me emotionally and I was drained mentally. I felt cheated as I never got the chance to wish him Goodbye.

Adding to this, was a number of debts that he left behind without our knowledge and today my mother works 12 hours a day to make ends meet. Despite this, I still love my father and terribly miss him. By the time I regained my emotional strength, which was five months later, my grandfather, whom I was very close to, passed away in his sleep without any prior notice. These encounters with reality, made me understand that nothing is permanent. All we have to do is not give up, strive hard and live life to the fullest extent.

My participation in four local and international Model United Nations conferences including TIMUN (turkey international model united nations) and THIMUN (the Hague international model united nations), (2006-2010), my yearly piano recitals at the Opera House, my fund-raising for less fortunate cancer victims within our School Community and the building of a memorial garden in tribute to members of the School who have passed away, have taught me values such as hard work, determination, empathy, teamwork, and accountability.

These experiences have helped me understand that diversity exist in every sphere of life and has demonstrated to me the importance of diversity and its acceptance. Today, I have a goal to reach and with good education as my weapon, I would like to achieve a good position in the society and in turn support my family. I consider myself as a creative person, sanctified with the capacity to understand the world deeply and I truly believe that my education in a university would quench my thirst for knowledge to a great extent.

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