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Published: 2020-02-19 10:22:06
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The changing roles of women around the world and the changing structure of the family are also due to globalisation and making the world more similar. For example, Cherie Blair has recently launched a campaign to help the women of Afghanistan, as by our standards they have no rights. Ulrich Beck (1992) writes about reflexive modernisation and in an article published online for the New Statesman he writes about how this is bringing the world together.

Reflexive modernisation is a description of contemporary society in which we become aware of the risks and dangers of industrial technological society and in which increased knowledge about how to deal with this creates more awareness of dangers and risks. 41 He applies this to the recent terrorist attacks to show how, ¦ The warring camps and nations of the world united against the common foe of global terrorism. 42 Old rivalries of the US, such as with Moscow and Beijing are forgotten and a real cease-fire between Israel and the Palestinians is enforced.

He pontificates that humanities common fear is now making new bonds and dissolving the boundaries of national and international politics creating the globalisation of politics in which states are moulded into transnational co-operative networks. He also shows how foreign and domestic policy, national security and international co-operation are now interlocked. Since 11th September, terrorist sleepers have been identified in Hamburg, Germany, and many other places. Therefore German domestic policy is now an important part of US domestic and foreign policy. So are the domestic foreign, security and defence policies of France Pakistan, Great Britain, Russia and so on. 43 There are very many arguments suggesting that the world is becoming as one.

Other arguments I have not gone into are the growing awareness of the global environment and the ways people all over the world are trying to help, such as with the South American rainforest and the widespread starvation of Africa. Global tourism is also making us more aware of our world and the ease of travel to far away places makes the world seem as if it is smaller than when the first voyage of discovery crossed the Atlantic Ocean. The spread of the English language around the world and the films and television programmes seen by hundreds of millions of people in different countries also contribute.

The world is also better connected both economically and politically with global financial markets and the World Trade Organisation, also the creation of international political communities such as the European Union and the United Nations make the world more integrated. However, we will not live in one world until the problems of inequality between rich and poor are solved. Also until many aspects of difference are recognised and accepted, especially regarding religious difference as this is still a major cause of disagreement in the world today.

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