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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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Richardson commented that East Asia is developing an armory of cultural values to challenge established Western ways of economic, social, and political management (Herald Tribune). What makes interesting about the history of East Asia is its growing economic performance that outweighs the West for three centuries now. Japan alone attained economic recovery in roughly two decades and became the third largest economic power in the world (Perry, p. 763).

Apparently, China and Korea followed the same pattern of recovery into becoming economic powers in the last three decades along with Vietnam and Taiwan. The question whether change or continuity characterizes the history of East Asia, is such a complex issue. However, dramatically, Western influence has greatly caused these countries to reach their status politically, socially, culturally, and economically. For instance, China claimed that American technology helped their efforts to modernize China as its relations with U. S.

continued to improve in the late 1970s mainly after the death of Mao Tze Tung (Perry, p. 761, 762). Chinas new approach realized the need for technical assistance and for industrialization from other countries. In case of Japan, the political initiatives of the government to assist in rebuilding their economy and its close ties with the U. S. had played a part in Japans economic success after the World War II (Perry, p. 764). Practically, change occurred in the region as it recognized the importance of western influence in their economy. However, continuity is another part of the coin.

As Richardson noted that, many of the most dynamic East Asian economies this challenge to Western cultural dominance is based on a blend of capitalism, Confucianism, and government controls that encourages competition (Herald Tribune). The region is notably remained intact culturally and politically. Its political stability is believed to be the core of their successful economic development rooted in their strong cultural system founded on Confucian tradition. Korea on the other hand, learned the self-reliance attitude, which was developed out of desire to gain economic improvement.

Their economic strategies were proven effective as it heighten its GNP in the past forty years after the civil war. Conclusion The modern history of East Asia could be considered noteworthy as they radically transformed and emerged from downfall. Many analysts have commented that factors to their success are their cultural, social, and political management that they incorporate into western ideas and values. As a result, their standards of living and education improved a lot. Thus, change and continuity take place hand in hand in their system.

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