Intro Speech Self-Evaluation Essay

Published: 2020-02-21 04:42:42
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There was a bit of a confusion between us; she explained to me that the assignment was that we each had to write about each other and then switch papers and read it in class. This didnt sound right to me because the way I understood the assignment was that I had to write about her and she had to write about myself. This ended up being the case since I told the professor our little situation and agreed with my explanation of the assignment. I could of improved in having better communication with my partner and emailing the professor before the due date to help us with our doubts. I also didnt have much time to practice my speech due to a busy weekend. I only had about 2 hours on Monday night to practice in front of an audience. This led me to actually be nervous and a bit anxious over this speech, especially with the disagreeing over the actual instructions of this assignment.

On my paper, it is stated that my speech was only 52 seconds which was very short compared to the 1.5 minutes that we had to achieve. For my next speech I now know that I have to slow down when speaking which is linked to having practice time especially in front of people. This assignment really made me feel a bit more comfortable with public speaking which really made me happy because it made me realize this class wont be so hard if I really practice and follow the information in our textbook and lessons given by the professor.

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